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Alair is proud to be the most trusted construction management partner of leading architects, designers, trade experts and many other award-winning industry professionals. As an Alair client, you enjoy the benefits of unmatched expertise and unparalleled commitment to integrity, transparency and value.


There is only one way to ensure a certain outcome in construction and that is to validate every detail before you ever commit to a construction agreement. At Alair, you will know every detailed cost, have the freedom to choose all selections and decide on who will carry out every function of your project before it ever starts. Certainty is the foundation of Alair’s Client Control™ and is the reason why thousands of clients have become raving fans and overwhelmingly recommend Alair to their friends and family.


Alair is the only contractor in the world that performs every project exclusively with Client Control™ Our highly trained and certified project managers empower you with authority over your project from start to finish. As an Alair client you have 24/7 visibility to validate progress and updates while maintaining authorization rights to approve every cost and milestone. Client Control™ is the new standard in residential construction management.

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Kim Reynolds

Alair Homes came into my family’s life at a very difficult time. An accidental fire had devastated what had once been our home. In a flash, my family and I were displaced from our residence and left to put the pieces back together. Luckily Alair was there to help us every step of the way.

Right from the start, Alair made a commitment to the rebuild of the family home. Alair demonstrated this through regular meetings and daily communication. The consistent communication provided us peace of mind that consideration and/or action was being taken towards getting us back home.

The proprietary software that Alair used was another huge advantage. We could log in to our portal at our convenience and see transparent information about the progress timeline, costs, trades and photographs of the work being done. No work was done until it was approved by us through the portal. There was little room for error.

Alair also helped us solve a few space issues that existed pre-fire while moving us forward with some necessary upgrades to our living quarters. We chose to use Alair’s trades and building material vendors throughout the process. Creatively, Alair got our vibe for a cozy beach inspired home and helped us achieve that. The quality of the work was excellent and there was an obvious attention to detail.

We couldn’t be happier with the finished product that Alair offered us. We’re grateful for all of their help. Thanks Alair!

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Trevor L
The team at Alair London are great people to work with.
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Jessica Howard

Brian and his team are hardworking, adaptable and fun to work with. They helped us with an ENORMOUS project and the results are amazing. Highly recommended.

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Mike Alexanian

Myself and the Alexanian family have had the privilege to know and work with Brian Schon from Alair Homes London/Grand Bend for many years now. Brian is an experienced professional that cares about every aspect of his profession and will do everything he can to ensure that his clients get the fantastic finished product they deserve.

Alexanian Flooring is proud to be associated with Brian and Alair Homes because they treat their clients the same way that Alexanian has for 90 years. He has developed an open, transparent approach to the buying process and whether it is a custom home or a renovation, you will be in good hands with Brian. It is also important to note that he has developed a great team around him as everyone from the Project Manager to the trades he associates with practice the same high Alair standards.

I am looking forward to working with Brian and the Alair London team for many years to come. Keep up the great work Brian!

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