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Your house is barely recognizable thanks to the clutter turning once beautiful rooms into magnets for dirt, grime and dust. The problem is you aren’t sure of how to reclaim the home you once loved. Not to worry. As overwhelming as the job seems, you can return your house to its former glory simply by tackling one room at a time.

An Impressive Entryway

The entryway provides visitors with their first impressions of your home. This room has a tendency to attract dirt, mud and clutter. The first step to battling the chaos is to sweep and clean the porch, steps and walkway. Then, remove the unnecessary clutter, like coats and shoes, and put them in their proper place to keep your entryway clear of clutter and chaos.

A Lively Living Room

The clutter and mess in your living room is making relaxation a forlorn dream. However, a few easy steps will turn the room back into a bright center of living. Start with finding a place for the clutter by organizing your shelves, entertainment center and storage areas. Polish everything off with a good dusting and vacuuming, even the drapes and furniture.

Kitchen Renovations
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A Sparkling Hub of Activity

The kitchen and laundry room are probably the busiest rooms in your house and likely the messiest. Rather than surrendering to the chaos, though, scrub down the major appliances. Then, starting at the top, get rid of expired foods, tuck away small appliances and wipe down the counters. Finish everything up by washing down the walls, windows and floor.

Dining in Style

A dining room tends to remain somewhat clean unless clutter migrates to the room. If it does, you can reclaim the dining room by putting everything away. Be sure to use your buffet or china cabinet to their full storage potential. Finally, polish the wood, clean the walls and scrub the floors to return your dining room to its former glory.

Bedroom Paradise

Bedrooms, whether the kid’s or yours, are natural magnets for dirt, grime and chaos. As such, the main goal with these rooms is de-cluttering the area. Start by organizing everything. Make sure to toss anything that’s broken, torn or no longer used. Finally, scrub the bedrooms down from top to bottom to create the paradise you envisioned.

Bathroom Renovations
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Brilliant Bathrooms

The bathroom is the one room you dread thanks to all the activity and mess. However, this is a case where you may want to consider a general contractor, like Alair Homes Hamilton, to bring a little organization to the chaos. They can custom design shelves and cabinets, allowing you to store everything within easy reach but out of sight. Other than that, a deep cleaning from the shower to the the toilet will turn your bathroom nightmare into a place of relaxation.

Garage Envy

You dread the idea of attempting to organize your garage considering all the lawn tools, holiday decorations, tools and more stored within. As daunting as the task may seem, this room is no different than the rest. Begin by getting rid of the clutter, storing everything away and scrubbing the floor. That simply, your house is in tip-top shape and you have the home you dreamed of owning.