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Some kitchens in desperate need of a renovation cannot be upgraded because the cost is too expensive. Homeowners may not be able to afford to incorporate magazine-style kitchens in their home. Fortunately, a kitchen renovation is within reach. An upgrade is possible if homeowners are willing to become creative. Some of the work may be DIY and others may require a contractor, but the end results are worth it.

Accent Color

A fresh coat of paint to transform your kitchen is a given. What’s missing is painting one wall side a different color. This is an accent wall, and this wall adds personality. Take the wall to the next level by adding decorative stencils and drawings. Paint those stencils and drawings a third color. The results become easier to incorporate accessories because there are three colors to use as a base.

If an accent wall isn’t your thing, use the paint to create a focal point or conversation piece. Paint the entry door, the cabinet doors, the windowsill, or the island a third color. Alternatively, purchase countertops and appliances a different shade from the color scheme.

Repurposed Island

The homemade version consists of repurposing unused materials to create a custom-made island. As long as the storage piece is durable and contains wheels, any vintage, second-hand, used, or garage sale item will do. With some DIY creativity, spray paint, and a wood countertop, the island becomes a unique and functional focal point. Islands are great as an eating table, as storage space, and/or a prep station.

Lighting Accessories

The standard default lighting could use a makeover. Chandelier, pendants, track, and fluorescent lights transform the cooking area into a restaurant style atmosphere. Recessed lighting turns a small kitchen into a larger space. Island lights work best with an island underneath. Under cabinet lights brighten up a certain spot in the cooking area to perform a task without disturbing others. Search for these accessories the inexpensive way through flea markets, garage sales, vintage shops, consignment shops, thrift stores, and unused items around the home.

Open Shelving

The controversial trend of open shelving works for homeowners who prefer to let dishes, silverware, glasses, cookware, and bakeware double as art. Fortunately, the entire area doesn’t have to settle for an open shelving overhaul. Add one below or above higher cabinets. Paint the shelf an accent color to draw attention to the area.

Over the Range Microwave

Today’s homes contain a range hood over the range. Alternatively named exhaust hood or extractor hood, this device eliminates steam, heat, grease, fumes, smoke, and odor from the kitchen so it doesn’t linger. Instead of installing these pricey models, invest in an over-the-range microwave. A range hood and functional microwave, this 2-for-1 deal saves countertop space while looking attractive.

New Hardware

Small details create the biggest impact. Handles, pulls, and knobs are hardware. One change results in a different feel. Choose a bold design while ensuring the new design blends in with decor produces the best results.

Decorate Interior Cabinets

The interior cabinets are usually the same color as the walls. The cabinet’s interior does not have to follow the wall color. Paint interior cabinet walls a bold color that makes the wall and items inside it stand out. Select decorative wallpaper or wrapping paper to line the interior cabinets with personality.

Creativity is the answer to renovation without the expenses. Thumb through the budget to see if some of these wonderful ideas could fit in your cooking space. Alair Homes Hamilton is here to help you with all your kitchen needs.