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Many Hamilton homes have beautiful patios and outdoor living spaces. They provide families with private, peaceful areas that connect them to the world around them and give them little retreats in their own backyards. The biggest obstacle to enjoying a patio happens to be Mother Nature herself, and unfortunately, in Hamilton, she just might prevent you from enjoying your favorite space in the house several months out of the year. Rather than continuing to forgo time enjoying the outdoors on your patio, how about enclosing it instead? A week long home renovation project can turn your patio into a beautiful sunroom that is easy to enjoy year-round.

Renovating to Take Advantage of Space

The primary reason for renovating your Hamilton home to enclose the patio is to take advantage of space. While a lovely feature in a home, the patio is difficult to enjoy for several months out of the year. In the summer, it is too warm and inviting for mosquitoes, flies and other critters. In the winter, the temperatures drop to extreme levels, far too frigid for spending time outdoors. With a sunroom renovation, you can sip hot chocolate in the winter while the windows protect you from the elements. In the summer, open the windows and enjoy the evening air while the screens keep you safe from bugs.Another reason to turn the patio in your Hamilton home into a sunroom is to add equity to your property. Unlike a patio, a sunroom adds value to your home by increasing the square footage, and this is especially true if you decide to heat and cool your sunroom. It also has the potential to attract buyers if the time comes that you do decide to sell your home. Many real estate agents understand the value of sunrooms, and that is why they often feature them in listings if the homes they are selling include one.

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Multi-purpose Renovations

Finally, your sunroom offers a multi-purpose space that the whole family can enjoy. If you need a room for your plants, a sewing space or a crafting corner for the kids, a sunroom is the ideal spot. Use the room for casual evening dinners, or add a larger table if you need space for entertaining guests. The sunroom in your Hamilton home is perfect for starting seedlings if you are a gardening enthusiast, and it also opens up a world of opportunities to grow varieties of plants that are normally only found in warmer climates.

Whether your home has a beautiful patio that would make a great sunroom or another outdoor living space that you hope to transform into something spectacular, turn to the professionals at Alair Homes Hamilton. Our local general contractors and project managers pool their talents and resources to help homeowners to create functional, enjoyable rooms that the entire family will enjoy. Our process involves complete transparency and a commitment to superior craftsmanship that is respectful of the client’s budget. If you are ready to experience a better way of renovating your Halmilton home, call Alair to schedule your free, no obligation consultation.