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More anymore homeowners have come to appreciate the value and beauty of open shelves. They not only add more storage space to the kitchen, but add to its appeal if installed the right way.  Here are some ideas for open shelving in your custom kitchen.

Floating Shelves by the Window

Floating shelves are shelves whose support can’t be seen as they hang on the wall. There are no brackets or other types of hardware. In other words, they seem to simply float on the wall. Because of this, they are good for both storage and to allow floods of light to come in unhindered through the window. Open shelving can be placed right next to both sides of the window frame, and a long shelf can stretch above the window from one wall to another. They can follow the same color scheme as the rest of the room, painted complementary colors, or painted bold colors that pop in an otherwise neutral space. They are especially attractive in kitchens where the window is in an awkward area such as a corner.

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Floating Shelves Beside the Vent Hood

Floating shelves by a vent hood are not only attractive but convenient. Shelves can hold canisters of wooden spoons, pots, pans and other cookware right above the range. Since the homeowner has chosen to have the vent hood exposed, the shelves should complement it. The warmth and color of wooden shelves, for example, contrast with the gleaming metal of the hood. Some ceramic vent hoods are joined by open shelving made of metal.

Shelves on a Bare Wall

Even though space is a premium in a lot of kitchens, many still have expanses of bare walls where absolutely nothing is happening. Adding shelves not only makes an otherwise uninspiring bit of architecture aesthetically pleasing but again adds more storage space. These can be open shelving or a narrow cabinet that can be easily hung on the wall.

Shelves Over the Sink

A sink that has no window or wall cabinet above it is also an excellent area for shelves. Store dish washing items such as brushes, dish washing detergent, scourers, sponges and other needful items just where they are needed. They can be arranged in ways that make them attractive as well as utilitarian.

Shelves Over the Island

Racks for pots and pans aren’t the only things that can go over an island. Hanging shelves are an unusual, pleasing and convenient solution to where to put kitchenware needed for food preparation. Items that are used frequently should be within reach while items that are used infrequently can be on a higher hanging shelf and accessed by a step stool. These shelves can also be the home of purely decorative items such as houseplants and antique bottles and jars. Another use of shelving over the island is as a place for dinnerware. House guests can grab plates, cups, saucers and flatware for a buffet supper or another meal in Hamilton.

Shelves At the End of Peninsula

As shelves can be installed above a kitchen island, they can also be installed on the wall attached to the peninsula. If storage isn’t a problem, these shelves are great places to put family mementos such as photos or drawings, bric-a-brac or other things that please the eye during a casual meal.