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If your house is feeling cramped, dated and closed in, vaulted ceilings may offer the perfect solution. Vaulting the ceilings in your Hamilton home is a great way to let in light, give the illusion of more space and make any room instantly feel airy and open. This is an ideal option for single-story homes and can cost significantly less than a Hamilton home renovation that adds square-footage.

What to Look for Before Moving Forward with Ceiling Renovations

To understand whether or not your home is a good candidate for a vaulted ceiling renovation, it is first important to break down the components of your space. Take a trip into your attic and check for things like whether your roof is framed with trusses or rafters, how your chimney slants and the specific placement of electrical work, ducts and plumbing lines.

Homes that are the best candidates for vaulted ceilings have rafters, chimneys that do not slant into the space you want to open up and ductwork, plumbing and electrical lines that are easy to relocate. If your home does not fit these criteria, it might still be possible to vault your ceilings, but costs may prohibit you from moving forward with the renovation. Consult with a Hamilton general contracting professional to assess your situation and determine whether or not it makes sense to proceed.

vaulted cieling

Even if your home fits into the “ideal for vaulted ceilings” category, it is important to remember that this is not a do-it-yourself job. Vaulting the ceilings in your Hamilton home takes time and expertise, and if you go about it the wrong way, the finished product will lack in appearance and could pose safety hazards. Completing the job right will require a specific skillset, and your general contractor will likely enlist the help of knowledgeable Hamilton structural engineers, HVAC professionals and drywall and framing specialists.

Understanding Construction Costs

Expect to have Hamilton construction professionals working in your home for a month or more depending on the size of the room you are renovating. Costs will vary depending on the scope of the project, but expect them to include payment for permits and inspections, demolition, reinforcing the framing, electrical work, plumbing, insulation, drywall, painting and HVAC work. An average range is around $18,000, but to get a more accurate quote, ask your Hamilton general contractor to provide a detailed line-by-line estimate.

While the costs to vault the ceiling in your Hamilton home are substantial, the benefits can be too. This home renovation is a much desired one in older houses, and it has an especially positive impact when homeowners are raising 8-foot ceilings to give their homes a more spacious feel. Some real estate professionals estimate that vaulted ceilings can raise property values by as much as 25-percent though the premiums are a bit less in higher end homes where this feature is often expected.

If you are searching for a creative way to add space and appeal to your Hamilton home, the experts at Alair Homes are ready to assist. With our knowledgeable, local general contracting team, national buying power, commitment to customer service and completely transparent way of doing business, we have helped thousands of homeowners in Hamilton to complete their dream renovations, and we can help you too. Your journey begins with a phone call to schedule your free, no obligation consultation. Contact us today.