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Your custom home dreams are finally coming true now that all you have to do is find the right builder. This is the part of the process you might feel the most stressed about considering you’re hiring someone to make your dreams come true. It takes time, effort, and energy to find the person you want to work with, and it’s a much bigger decision than you might realize. When you’re ready to find the perfect custom home builder to work with you on turning your dreams into reality, follow these tips.

Ask for References

A builder without references is similar to a doctor without patients. You don’t know what their work is like, if people are happy with their work, or if they can even do what they promise they can do. Why would you hire a builder who has no references and no history building homes? Even a brand-new custom home builder probably has some experience working with another builder before opening their own company.

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Meet With the Builder

Once you find a builder with great references and a wonderful reputation in Hamilton, schedule an appointment. How does their office look? How does the staff treat you? Did you get in right away or did you wait weeks? Do you like the builder? Does the builder seem to know what he needs to know and have the knowledge and experience you want in a builder?

Listen to what he has to say, but also take the time to ask questions. Listen not only to the answers the builder provides, but listen to the way in which he responds to you and how well he listens to you. A good builder is patient and wants to work with you. A builder you might want to avoid is someone who dismisses you as not being the professional on the job and instructs you what to do in your own home.

Take A Tour of the Builder’s Homes

If the builder has model homes, ask for a tour. If the home builder doesn’t have model homes, ask about seeing projects that are in progress or ones that are recently completed. Check the details, ask questions, and see what you like and don’t like about the homes. Make notes, ask about what you want and don’t want, and see what the builder has to say about the work they do.

Follow Your Instinct

Did you like the builders you met? Did you leave your meetings feeling positive about working with someone, or did you leave your meetings wondering how you can make a relationship with a builder work? Did you feel heard and respected, or did you feel as if the builder was talking down to you? These are important things to ask yourself, and you must be willing to work with someone over a long period of time before you can hire them.

Experience, knowledge, and honesty are the most important features any good home builder has to offer. They don’t make false promises, they work with you as a team, and their experience is enough to leave you feeling confident they can handle whatever is thrown at you when you start this process.