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Comparing the academic and social performance of a new elementary school for your child can be a stressful undertaking, since you want to give them the best education possible. The Frasier Institute wants to help ease the process, so they have compiled rankings of all Ontario schools based on a number of standardized tests over the recent years. Using their system you can quickly compare each school under several categories. Below is a list of the top 5 schools in Hamilton, Ontario based on the findings of the Frasier Institute.

Islamic School of Hamilton

This school was opened in 1998 and since has grown into an academic powerhouse. As a non-profit private school under the operation of the Muslim Association of Hamilton, this school is certified by the Ministry of Education and offers classes from preschool through grade 8. They take pride in their approach to academic growth, which centers on the Ontario Curriculum supplemented with Islamic Studies. ISH wants nothing more than to promote the development of caring Canadian citizens who share in their Islamic values.

Mountview School

Mountview is located in the Magnolia region of the West Mountain. Utilizing a ‘balanced day’ schedule with two nutrition breaks at 40 minutes each, they keep their students healthy and ready to learn. With a curriculum focused on literacy, problem solving, and critical thinking, balanced with fun activities and clubs, Mountview School is a wonderful academic institution with a positive atmosphere.

top ranked schools in Hamilton

Corpus Christi Catholic School

This catholic school was established in 1965 and is located in the West Mountain area. While originally a country school with many students living on nearby farms, growing populations made it necessary to expand. An addition to the school was completed in 1999, adding a gymnasium, computer lab, ten new offices and classrooms, and a new library. Corpus Christi offers classes from kindergarten through grade 8, and currently has around 435 students in attendance. Their curriculum centers on structured academic learning with a focus on Jesus Christ and the values of compassion, empathy, and forgiveness.

Norwood Park

A French Immersion School near Mohawk Road. They offer an effective single track system for grades 1-8, and with nearly 500 students taking advantage of the bilingual program the school hopes to promote development of character through a diverse academic setting. An extensive extracurricular program allows for further social development through sports, arts, and charity. Norwood Park hopes to use their status as an academic innovator to create lifelong members of a productive, civilized, and diverse society.

R.A. Riddell Public School

This school can be found south of the Lincoln Alexander Parkway, on Hamilton’s West Mountain. The school boasts a diverse student body, with well over 750 students from a variety of cultures. Built in 1973, R.A. Riddell has undergone several renovations since its inception, from the addition of a weight room to an updated gymnasium. They offer classes for students from kindergarten through grade 8, and have an excellent sports program with options for basketball, baseball, track and field, flag football, and even pinball. R.A. Riddell is committed to providing an environment that fosters literacy, critical thinking, and community.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a school for your children. These rankings, while generally a good indicator of a successful school, also overlook many qualities that might make another school a better option for your specific needs. Academic test rankings are an important consideration, but they are not the most important overall distinction. Only you know the personal circumstances that dictate what you need in an academic institution, but this list can be a good starting point if you are looking for a high-calibre elementary school in Hamilton, Ontario.