It is agreed, a home is incomplete without a lush front yard. Complementing your custom home’s functionality and looks with turfgrass is one of the best decisions you can make. It’s essential that you always keep the lawn looking in its element. In addition to the boost in curb appeal, there are many reasons why you should consider installing turfgrass for your custom home. Read on to discover the many benefits turfgrass offers!

Air Purification

Turfgrass plays an important role when it comes to cleansing the air of tons of dirt and dust. Precipitation and dew help move airborne impurities into the root system. Once they are captured by grass blades, and the soil microbes subsequently breakdown the pollutants.

exterior of blue grey ranch style custom home with turfgrass lawn and small tree

This is also how lawns capture a considerable amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually. The captured carbon dioxide is then converted into a stable carbon form that gets ‘locked’ into soil profiles. This process is known as carbon sequestration. Carbon remains in the soil and eventually turns into organic matter instead of adding to greenhouse gases after getting released into the atmosphere. Having turfgrass in your custom built home means that you will be helping stop global warming in its tracks!

Oxygen Production

Having turfgrass in your home also means that you will be the proud owner of a natural oxygen generator. Fresh oxygen seems to be in short supply if you were to think of all the pollution threatening our planet. Did you know that a 50 square foot lawn can generate sufficient oxygen to offer everyday oxygen needs of 4 family members? If people embraced turfgrass in their homes, this is a benefit that would quickly stack up.

Reduces Home Cooling Costs

Through cooling evaporation, lawns are able to offset up to 50% of solar heat. This is evident with how lawns’ surface air temperatures remain 10 degree Fahrenheit cooler when compared to their concrete and asphalt counterparts. It is along these lines that cooler air temperatures will reduce the cooling needs in your custom built home. In fact, all it takes to have the equivalent of 70 tons of air conditioning are eight average-sized front lawns.

Improved Groundwater Quality

Turfgrass coupled with soil microbes go a long way in lessening environment pollution. Turf assists in breaking down contaminants and helps in water purification as it percolates through the root system. Most people don’t know that atmospheric pollutants can result in acidic rain that poses a threat to our cherished environment. A well-maintained lawn can help bring down the acidic levels by up to a tenth of the unfiltered, original state. This basically means quality groundwater for you, and it also doubles up as a way to prevent water contamination in our lakes and rivers.

Runoff reduction

Established, healthy lawns are key drivers in slowing storm water flow, letting it to be absorbed into the soil whereby it returns to aquifers after filtration, instead of heading into storm sewers. As compared to a thin lawn, a dense lawn minimizes runoff 15 times more efficiently. What is more, a lush turf offers 6 times more rain absorbing efficiency in comparison to a wheat field making it a great option to control erosion.

What Next?

As you can see, you can never go wrong with turfgrass. Introducing it to your custom built home today will come with all these benefits. Consider the home value addition an added bonus to the beautiful look turfgrass gives your home.