Home renovation projects are often expensive and time-consuming. Renovations can become a costly past time that creates a chaotic environment throughout your home. You will be pleased to know, however, you can refresh the inside of your home to reflect the stately elegance around you without spending a fortune. Are you in desperate need of space? The solution may be much simpler than you imagine.

Sorting Successfully

walk in closet with built in shelves for shoes on one side two hanging racks on the other

First of all, your custom home becomes your personal oasis when the design complements what matters to you most. The KonMari sorting method allows you to transform areas of chaos into fully-functioning custom spaces. It causes you to reflect on what brings you sparks of happiness. How can you get great results without applying some capital to your home renovation budget? You decide what items are the most significant to you and toss out the unnecessaries. What does a KonMari closet look like? Expect to see positive images like these when you apply the KonMari method to your closet:

Out of Sorts

Your closet can reflect what you want to feel every time you walk into your custom home. You can declutter your surroundings and create focal points that embrace your favourite things in life. Other rooms in your home can also benefit from the KonMari method to help bring peace of mind. It will be in your favour to remember that any home renovation idea should be quality tested by thoroughly evaluating questions like these:

Answer these questions before you decide on taking on any major home renovation project. Sometimes the most brilliant solutions are the most obvious. You get to decide what works for you based on what you know will better your life.  The KonMari method forces homeowners to ask some difficult questions of themselves to determine what next renovation is ideal for them.  It’s not always easy to self-reflect, but in the end, you’ll be pleased with a home tailored to meet your needs.

Luxury in Simplicity

A custom home should be filled with the people and items that improve your quality of life, not diminish it. You should be satisfied with your space. When you create spaces in your home that cater to your personal comfort and add functionality, you are able to fully appreciate the artistry that surrounds you. In the Greater Toronto Area, there is much to appreciate!