Home Additions and Top-Ups in the Greater Toronto Area

Home Additions in the Greater Toronto Area

Finding more room without taking on the stress of moving or leaving your favourite neighbourhood is possible with a home addition. Deciding whether to add on to the rear of your home or expand a one-storey home to a two-storey with a top-up addition is made easier with the advice and support of a professional general contractor. With our knowledge, you can make a cost-effective and practical choice that provides you with the space you need without negating the features and flow that you love in your home.

Professional Project Management Services

Any home addition that requires a significant change to your property is complex. There are permits to pull, subcontractors to hire and manage, and the timing of deliveries and installation must be precise. Even one small misstep can increase costs and derail the project. Alair Homes Forest Hill Toronto provides professional contract management to help your home renovation run smoothly and efficiently. Our project managers oversee every detail of your addition or top-up while including you in the decision-making process and transparently keeping you informed. Knowing an expert is on site helps safeguard your investment and feel more at ease, and it makes it possible to avoid delays and unnecessary costs too.

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