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For future homeowners, many pertinent questions arise regarding the type of home they will eventually inhabit. Where will it be located? How long will the process take? What kind of home will address their unique needs? These are all important for various reasons. If you are a future homeowner seeking the ideal home in the Edmonton area, you may wonder what kind of home will keep your wants and needs in focus. The answers to all your questions lie in whether you choose a custom or production home.

Quantity or Quality

Many homeowners have to make pivotal, life-changing decisions right at the on-set of purchasing a home. Some homeowners choose to build a custom home, while others may select a production home. Which one is better?  Below are some of the major pros and cons of choosing a production home:

  • There are fewer design/building choices/decisions available or to be made.
  • It could potentially be a faster build.
  • There is volume purchasing power which could result in the use of low-cost low-quality materials.
  • You may have fewer floor plans to choose from (often facilitating the cookie cutter look.)
  • In production homes, standard options are often the only options.

Do you envision owning a home that exhibits your distinctive tastes? What makes one home different from all the rest? Of course! A custom home is created to serve your individual purposes, your creative vision and with your careful planning can be made to last. Here are some welcomed choices that go hand-in-hand with the building of a custom home:

  • Energy-saving options or environmentally-safe choices are available.
  • A custom home allows you to configure your house to fit your lot.
  • You get the final say on important home-design decisions.
  • You can custom create with your choice of premium materials.
  • You get to work with the professionals to visualize and shape your home to your personal specifications.
  • A total open concept area is within your reach. Or if you prefer you can pick various rooms to be sectioned off to give off some cozy vibes.

With so many options at the tips of your fingers, it’s important to understand the time and thought that goes into every decision. Building a completely custom home is no easy task!

Choosing is the Difference

Variety is the flavor of life. Homes that are processed through the manufacturing line may lack the character and quality you long for. Buying a home is an investment- one that can be very good or very bad. You can avoid costly remodeling expenditures in the future when you customize your home for the future. Having the power of choice is priceless. When your opinion matters and influences the home-building and design process, you can visualize its potential, and understand what the building materials you choose represent- longevity. Weighing your options and giving attention to detail can improve your quality of life and assure peace of mind.

Edmonton’s Custom Culture

The city of Edmonton blends historic sites with contemporary expression. Enriching museums, fun parks, numerous art appreciation venues, diverse cultural elements, and stunning architecture line Edmonton’s streets. A custom home can embody all the elements you enjoy about the area without sacrificing quality. Do you want your home to increase in value, to keep its integrity over time? Unlike a production home that is shaped by impersonal opinion, and low-quality volume, your home can become an integral part of the culture and diversity that Edmonton celebrates.

Living area with high ceilings large cream stone fireplace red pillows on neutral colored sofas

If you’ve been searching for a home that fits your every requirement, a custom home is built to fulfill your expectations and exceed them. Unlike with a production house, you have priceless control placed squarely in your hands when you decide to invest in a custom home. You can see it being built from the ground up. There’s no better assurance that your home is secure than through a first-hand account. Witness long-lasting quality craftsmanship and the emergence of your brighter future when you invest in custom!