17 Jul The Do’s of Home Renovations

By Navin Sidhu, Partner Renovating a home is an exciting venture, but it’s essential to approach any major project with the right mindset, knowledge, and… Read More

06 May Contractor Considerations

Essential Considerations When Hiring For Your Home Renovation Project By Rollin Kurka, Partner, Alair Homes Sherwood Park Taking on a home renovation project can be… Read More

05 Feb Building Together: The Crucial Role of Community Engagement in Home Construction and Renovation  

By Paul McGavigan, Partner  Embarking on a home building or major renovation project is exciting. It’s more than just construction—it’s an opportunity to strengthen community… Read More

21 Dec The Key to Any Project’s Success 

In the realm of residential building, where quality, precision, and attention to detail are paramount, the presence of skilled professionals is essential to ensure the… Read More

The Power of Unity: Building Success Through a Cohesive and Collaborative Construction Team

By Paul McGavigan  In the world of construction, the creation of any building, from a cozy home to a towering skyscraper, is a complex symphony… Read More

24 Feb Alair ReKnows on CTV: Tips to Winterize Your Home

It’s (still) cold in Edmonton. We are all ready for spring. However, the cold can be a good thing when it comes to giving you… Read More

31 Oct Major Home Renovations Dos and Don’ts

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

Home renovation takes a lot out of you in several ways. Your time, money, and general home life are all dedicated to this major project,… Read More

30 Sep Design Ideas for Your Utility Room

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

Design Ideas for Your Utility Room If you remodel and possibly extend your kitchen, this is the right time to think about creating your utility… Read More

10 Sep Refining Your Home Renovation Plans to Fit Your Budget

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

Refining Your Home Renovation Plans to Fit Your Budget Sometimes you may feel like the current state of your home or that of the house… Read More

31 Aug Questions to Ask Before Building Your New Edmonton Kitchen

As cliché as it may be, your home is, in fact, your biggest investment. That is precisely why we are so intentional when it comes… Read More

18 Jul Choosing the Right Driveway Type

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

Whether you are building a new home or changing an existing home, the driveway plays an important role. The type of driveway you choose for… Read More

25 Apr Are Polycore Foundations a Welcome Substitute for Concrete?

In Home Renovations by Alair Homes

We were introduced to Polycore Foundations at the recent Home and Garden show in Edmonton. Invented and developed in Edmonton, it seems like a welcome alternative to concrete foundations. The sections are cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. But does it compare with the reliability and strength of a concrete foundation?

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