31 May Earning a Positive Reputation as Home Builders and Renovators in Calgary

It’s no secret that we want to be the best at what we do and we believe it’s important that you know that about us. From the first time we talk and get to know you and your project to the day it’s all completed, we are striving to give you the kind of service you will tell your friends and family about, and the quality of work that will last for generations. We really believe the only way for a custom home build or renovation to be truly successful is to have a happy, satisfied customer.

13 May How to Find the Right Interior Designer in Calgary – Or Anywhere Else in Canada!

In Canada, many provinces restrict the use of the title “interior designer” to people who have passed a licensing exam. Additional certification in specific areas, such as in bathroom design, is also available in many places. Licensing and educational requirements may vary in other countries, as can the types of work that a designer typically performs. In some places, for example, the work is mostly focused on decorating and furnishing the space.

30 Apr Choose Us as Your Custom Home Builder or Home Renovator

Picture yourself in the home you’ve always dreamed of living in. Whether it’s building a custom new home or renovating your current home, you need a contractor you can trust to deliver the home you’re imagining. At Alair, we’ve designed and built hundreds of homes and renovations, and we have the kind of experience you can be confident in. Let us show you how we can build or renovate your home with a free custom quote and you can decide if Alair is the right choice for you.

19 Apr Adding an Extra Floor to Your Home? Start by Checking Your Foundation

Thinking of adding an extra floor to a older home? First you will need to verify the width of your existing foundation wall and size of your footings. This is especially crucial when adding additional floors to an older home as they often had smaller footings in some of the older homes. If you do not have your original house drawings, they can usually be obtained from your local City Office. Once you have the drawings you can take them to a structural engineer who will verify that the existing foundation will be able to handle the extra weight.

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