Nothing beats the crisp, fresh air of a mountain retreat. Whether you’re ready for breathtaking, expansive views or the cozy, crackling warmth of an ornate fireplace, your vacation property should be a peaceful haven customized for you. Still, we know that building or renovating can be complicated. You might want a vacation home somewhere remote, but managing the building process when you’re not on vacation can make being off the grid tricky.

That’s why Alair Homes can help you keep the build conveniently close to home.


With Alair Homes, you can renovate or custom build a vacation home from the accessibility of the city. With over 100 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, Alair has offices in key vacation destinations, including Banff, Bow Valley, and Whistler, as well as cities such as Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. Our team collaborates between offices in popular vacation destinations and teams in urban centres, so you can oversee your home building without the commute. That means we connect you with architects and designers who specialize in mountain homes, cottages, and cabins, whether you’re on location or still dreaming of the mountain air from the city. When you meet with an Alair team at one location, the next location can pick up where they left off. And for even more convenience, Alair’s Client Control methodology gives you more insight into your build, wherever you are. You can manage all the details of your quiet, cozy vacation home through our online portal. Your vacation home is your escape — but the planning process doesn’t have to be far from home.

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