21 Nov Alair Calgary Welcomes Katie Osmond as Partner

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Alair Calgary is excited to announce their latest partner, Katie Osmond. Katie joins Byron Brooks as co-owner of the Alair Calgary office, joining Alair™’s vast… Read More


It’s that time of year again—spring cleaning. Where to start? You’ll need all-purpose cleaner and glass cleaner and natural cleansers like baking soda and distilled… Read More

27 May All You Need to Know About FLOORS

Floors. They get no respect. Everyone needs them, everyone has them but they get taken for granted. It shouldn’t be that way. Especially today when… Read More

28 Feb The Benefits of Indoor Plants

Plants are not only ascetically pleasing but they also provide health benefits we may not even be aware of. Did you know that plants can… Read More

20 Feb What to Know About Backyard Paving Stones

Before you rush out to your favourite home renovation store to stock up on paving stones take a moment to think about what you actually… Read More

19 Jan To-Dos: Your January Home Checklist for Calgary Residents

When living in chilly Calgary, January is a time to settle down in the warm indoors and plan for the months ahead. It’s also a… Read More

Your Guide to a Totally Organized Home in 10 Weeks

Many of us start the New Year off by making changes in our lifestyle. It will be a lot easier for you to achieve your… Read More

26 Oct The Joy of Taking Risks in Design

Decorating a personal space can be fun and intimidating. With a few tricks any space can be personalized to your taste. From a bedroom to… Read More

12 Aug 5 Tips For Preparing Your Lawn For Winter

Although it’s August and the last thing we want to be thinking about is winter, we should consider preparing our lawn for those chilly days… Read More

20 Jun A Valuable Tip to Consider During Your Pre-build Planning

Don’t Underestimate Pre-Planning Pre-planning for everyday items and future upgrades are often overlooked, yet they are a very important part of your prebuild preparations. Addressing… Read More

17 Jun Home Renovation Leftovers – Trash or Treasure?

Many homeowners know this story well, they make the decision to renovate their Calgary bathroom or kitchen, and their renovation is a success. Their spaces… Read More

10 Jun Engineering Services & Requirements: Simpler Than You Thought

The construction industry, especially the residential market is largely borne along by small business subcontractors. Most of those small businesses lack the infrastructure to provide engineering… Read More

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