Alair Calgary is excited to announce their latest partner, Katie Osmond. Katie joins Byron Brooks as co-owner of the Alair Calgary office, joining Alair™’s vast network of over 100 independently owned and operated locations across North America.  

Many in the industry know Katie as a longstanding member of the Alair team, as she has journeyed with the company since 2018; joining the Head Office team as an Accounting Administrator. Katie previously owned and operated a company in the utilities sector. She admits that moving into the construction industry has come with its challenges, which she’s faced with optimism, growth, and curiosity.  

“I love working with the Alair team because it’s not just an inclusive environment – but it’s one where we support each other’s goals and have one another’s backs. It doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do and the people that you do it with,” shares Katie. “The culture that the entire network shares is something special. If you need support, or have a question or a problem to work through, they are always ready to help. As a partner, I look forward to continuously better ourselves as an office and the processes for our clients.”  

Client satisfaction is Katie’s foremost priority, and she is excited about being a part of the build process, ensuring that clients are happy with the level and quality of service delivered by Alair Calgary. As the office integrator, she oversees the daily operational requirements, keeping the office organized and moving forward. With her financial background, Katie is the go-to person for budget-related questions and financial support.  

 Katie shares that one of the things that drew her to Alair was the transparent process and the ability to feel connected to every aspect of the homeowner’s project. Being able to manage the budget, select materials, review contractor bits and proposals, and monitor timelines is important, but Katie stresses that it’s even more important when you consider the scale of a custom home or renovation project.  

“Knowing that we can ease the stress on the homeowners, and help them feel like they’re in control of every aspect of the project, really resonates with me. We’re a team with the homeowner – and we work together to help them meet their goals. As someone that has worked in finance, I know just how important the numbers are and how much stress they can present. Being able to offer a unique transparency to ease some of that burden is something that we pride ourselves in. 

Katie’s personal motto is “how can I help?” which was born by her desire to be remembered as being kind, helpful, and solutions-focused. This personal value has ultimately become interwoven into the commitment of the Alair Calgary office to always care deeply – about one another, about their projects, and about their community.  Her desire to become a partner extends beyond personal ambition; it’s about becoming an integral part of the fabric of Alair and the support, processes, and network of resources that it offers clients, trade partners, and fellow builders.

“I’m proud of this partnership. I’ve always been passionate about connecting people and communities, and that’s something that Alair cares deeply about – that connection to community. As an office, we’re deeply rooted in Calgary – it’s where we live, work, play, and raise our families. I look forward to sharing my love for the community and the opportunities it presents with homeowners, trade partners, and everyone in between.” 

Byron Brooks, Katie’s partner at Alair Calgary, is excited to formalize the partnership and share it with the Calgary community at large. “I’ve been working with Katie for a number of years now and her passion for both the brand and the work is evident in her steadfast commitment to always deliver the highest quality experience to everyone – whether that’s a client, a partner, or a colleague. But more importantly, she’s relentless in her pursuit to continuously learn, improve, and grow. Together, we look forward to building an exceptional Alair office here in Calgary.”  

Alair Calgary prides itself on providing clients and trade partners alike with a completely transparent experience from start to finish. It is well-equipped to handle projects that help contribute to building beautiful things – whether that’s a custom-built home, renovation, addition, or an out-of-the-box project looking for a team that loves to dream big.  


About Alair 

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