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We are living in demanding times where stress can easily reach toxic levels. If this sounds all too familiar, now is the right time to assess how your home might be affecting you. Scientifically proven, home design is a key driver in terms of moods and feelings. From emotional stability to daily mood, your environment plays a major role in regards to creating a happy life. Luckily, renovating your house for happiness isn’t hard and here are home improvements to help you get started.

Rearrange Your Furniture

When arranging your furniture, it is essential to first determine a focal point such as a fireplace, television, piece of artwork or a large window. In the sitting room, placing the chairs and sofas around the identified focal point would be a great idea. This kind of home improvements go a long way in making your home feel more cohesive.

Furniture with sharp edges brings out an uncomfortable and edgy feeling whereas pieces with curved and rounded edges evoke feelings of contentment. In this case, main furniture such as sofas and coffee table should have rounded edges. If your main furniture has sharp corners, consider matching them with rounded items. For instance, you can place a round vase on your dining table or throw pillows on your sofa. It is along the same lines that you can have a table around the sitting area to place drinks or other things. In short, home improvements by way of rearranging your furniture can improve the mood of your home instantly but remember to create space between furniture to allow easy passage.

Choose Proper Decor Colors

The right color scheme will make your bedroom more restful and calm. You can never go wrong with soothing and cool colors such as green, purple or blue.

hallway view into dining area painted navy with white trim

Feel free to try out a neutral color, for instance, white, and match it with soothing colors on rugs, beddings or other accessories. Pale blue shades might make your bedroom seem cold; thus it is better to choose saturated shades such as periwinkle, cerulean or turquoise among others.

For social places such as the living room or kitchen, choose warm and bright colors. Shades like yellow, orange, and red are more inviting and liven up such spaces. Bright red is usually not a good match for walls so consider other richer and deeper shades such as maroon, brick, and crimson.

Use neutrals to tone down a room with bright shades on the wall. For example, gray, white, black and brown can ground a bright color scheme to create a more relaxed feeling. In case of any doubt, paint your wall with neutral shades like white, pale gray, beige or ivory.

Renovate Your Bathroom

If your budget allows the renovation of your old bathroom, why not go ahead and create a spa-like space. This will certainly take your joy and mood a notch higher. Make things juicier by adding recessed lighting, glass-encased shower as well as white towels, and every session will be similar to a spa visit. Thanks to the spa experience, you will always be in high spirits to tackle all challenges ahead.

Change Your Windows

Natural light is a key ingredient in terms of peace, productivity and happiness. If you have old, dull, small and lackluster windows, replace them with large and beautiful windows. This will have a significant effect on the beauty and feeling of your home. Natural light every morning is an amazing way to start the day, right?

Limited Patterns

Just like clutter, patterns can be overwhelming if not kept in check. They may lead to increased levels the stress hormone, cortisol. With that said, it would be wise to replace stripes and polka dots with solids to create a calm environment that will not trigger anxiety.

Bottom Line

Making changes to your interior will make your home feel fresh and in turn improve your mood. Include your family or roommate in the decorating process to gather more ideas. These home improvements tips will leave you satisfied and relaxed!