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Many people consider the location of their custom built home as important as the home itself. When you’re selecting the lot for your new home, you might want to consider some of these location characteristics before you make a selection:

Physical Characteristics

Decide before you start searching for a lot how important these location characteristics are:

  • Distance to work. A long commute can be wearing over time. Is there a maximum distance you’re willing to go? Are there alternative ways to get to work that could break up the monotony of the daily drive?
  • Schools. Many parents consider the quality of the local schools and the district to be one of the most important elements of choosing the location for a custom built home. Check out the academic performance of the local schools, along with its extracurricular programs to make sure they meet your standards.This exercise is important even if you don’t have kids or send them to private schools. The next family to buy your home may want to use the local schools thus securing value to your home.
  • Property taxes. Learn the property tax rates before you go forward. They’re as important as your house payment.
Custom Home Taking Advantage of Winnipeg Land
Be aware of zoning restrictions for a piece of land before any further planning.

Legal Status

Unless you have plenty of time, it’s a good idea to find a lot that’s ready for a custom built home instead of one that needs approvals or infrastructure from the local authorities. Taking a parcel through zoning takes a lot of time and may cost a good deal in legal and application fees

Zoning regulations also specify the maximum footprint a home can be on the lot, as well as its height. There will be setback requirements, as well. These stipulations can be changed sometimes, but it takes time to get a variance.

Be sure the lot has water, sewer, electric and gas before deciding to purchase it. If they’re not nearby, it could cost a good deal to extend them to your home. Most of the time when you buy a lot for a custom built home in a pre-platted subdivision, the price of the lot includes the cost of extending the utilities to the lot. Ask the seller what the infrastructure status is.

Learn about any homeowner’s association’s (HOAs) rules that apply to the property. HOAs can be powerful entities and if there are provisions you find too restrictive, you might reconsider the location.

Bottom Line

Considering this while you search for the right lot for your custom built home will help you avoid challenges as you move forward. Relying on Alair Homes to help you answer most of these issues will ease the process and assure you of an ideal Winnipeg location.