Mood plays an important role in our daily lives. Creating the right mood in your home can help you reduce stress, eliminate burnout, and become more productive. Your mood is attached to the five basic senses of taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound. By appealing to any of these senses, you can turn a dull space into a comfort haven.

Many home improvements that affect your overall mood aren’t costly to carry out. Small changes can make a big difference when creating the right mood inside your home.

Let’s look at each adjustment you can make, and the effect it will have as a mood booster.


Proper lighting is perhaps the most effective mood booster out there. You can use lighting to create a romantic, calm, or exciting mood at any time of the day. But how can you get started?

Have more control over your main lights by installing dimmer switches. Dimmer switches allow you to adjust the brightness of your light bulbs in real time. Tone things down for a more relaxing mood, and turn it up when you’re hosting a birthday party.

Take things a step further by having several lighting fixtures throughout the home. For example, add some table-side lamps, uplighting, and even wall lights to give you more options for a particular room. You can also vary the bulb color to create a more specific mood for an upcoming occasion.

The Right Colors

Almost every room in your home will be surrounded by 4 walls. The paint color you use for these walls will directly impact your mood. For example, neutrals such as white, grey, and beige are perfect for a relaxing and calm environment.

You can also spice up the mood of your home by selecting bold paint options. Orange is an uplifting and refreshing color, while green is cheerful and relaxing. You can use orange for your entryways for a welcome splash to uplift your mood as soon as you walk in. Green and blue also reduce stress making them perfect picks for your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.


Your mood is heavily influenced by the right scent. Fragrance not only affects mood, but it also reflects your personality and emotions.

Scented candles or fragrance boxes are useful for creating the right aroma in various rooms. Herbal scents are excellent for open plan living rooms, while slightly fruity scents add flavor to your kitchen. A calming natural scent (such as rose or eucalyptus) can also transform a dull bedroom into an inviting space.

Furniture Arrangement

Also consider furniture arrangement as part of your mood-based home improvements. Simply moving the couch from one corner to another can significantly influence your mood. If the living room feels dull and uninviting, it’s time to switch things up.

Less is more when it comes to arranging furniture. Choose a focal point (such as your coffee table or TV stand), and arrange items minimally around it. Leave open spaces for easy movement and flow of air. A clean and spacious-looking living room uplifts your mood and makes you feel more cheerful.

Bottom Line

living room with plants and knick knacks surrounding lit fireplace

The way you arrange your home has a big impact on your overall mood. If you’re looking to make home improvements or even build a custom home (that will make you happier and more productive), Alair Homes has you covered. At Alair, we give our clients full control over the design and building process. In this way, you get to be more hands on along every step of the journey.