Considering your wants and needs is one of the most important parts of designing a custom home with your builder. The features and layout of the property will influence how long you live in the home and how much you enjoy it. When you’re ready to build your dream house, consider some of these popular features to see which might work best for you.

1. Open Floor Plans

The layout of your custom home is one of the most important parts of the design process. Consider an open floor plan, which is spacious and inviting due to a lack of walls that are present. All of the rooms in the home will be easier to access and will feel light and airy with this layout. The layout also works well for smaller footprint homes as it can make you feel like you have more space.

2. Wine Cellar

Wine cellars are ideal if you enjoy collecting different bottles of wine and serving them to your guests. The cellar offers a climate-controlled setting, as wine is sensitive to temperatures. A wine cellar might fit well in your basement or in a small closet off the kitchen. There are many options available, making it easy to find one that fits perfectly into your home.

3. Home Office

Home offices are becoming incredibly common as they provide a space where you can work and avoid interruptions. Whether you need to pay bills or you own a business, the room makes it easier to take care of necessary tasks in an organized and efficient way. Built in bookshelves, the perfect nook for an ergonomic desk, glass doors so the face feels less closed off and usb equipped outlets are great elements to consider for your office.

4. Pool and an Outdoor Kitchen

Pools are ideal for many homes and provide a place for both adults and children to have fun in the summer. Consider adding a slide or water fountains for added appeal. Heat your pool so you can enjoy it in multiple seasons, or add a hot tub for evening relaxation and the perfect spot on warmer winter evenings. Nearby, an outdoor kitchen is useful for grilling. Add a bar, a mini-fridge and plenty of counter space for prep.

When you want to have a place to lounge around outside during the day, a cabana offers privacy and is ideal for reading a book or taking naps while enjoying surrounding views.

5. Commercial-grade Kitchen

Commercial-grade kitchens are in demand because they feature all of the amenities that are used in restaurants, which can improve the quality of your meals. From warming drawers to walk-in pantries, you’ll have everything that you need to host dinner parties and cook holiday meals with your family.

Photo by Alair Homes Tri-CitiesLook for bathroom design inspiration

6. Spa Bathrooms

If you want to add a spa bathroom in your Alair Homes Tri-Cities property, a walk-in shower or a pedestal bath are great options to consider. Heated floors, surround sound music and ambient lighting are other luxuries to consider as you plan your bathroom.

7. Home Automation

Home automation makes it possible for you to lock doors or turn on certain lights with the use of your phone or tablet. This is a convenient feature if you want your home to be energy-efficient and you want to enhance security while you are away.

Building your dream home offers the chance to create an upscale and appealing environment. Knowing what you want and need in the setting helps you to create the perfect space for your family – one that is functional, unique and beautiful too. Contact Alair Homes Tri-Cities for help with your custom home design and build.