We have an update on our Bowen Island Custom Home. The project is nearing completion! And while we will really miss working on this beautiful site,  we are excited to welcome our clients to their new home.

Progress Report

We’ve made a lot of progress since our last blog post on the project.  We have added siding, decking and landscaping steps on the exterior. We have also completed the hydro hookup and solar panels are now providing the majority of the power required for the property.

Inside, we have completed all of the tile, flooring, trim and cabinets.  We have installed the shower glass and the plumbing fixtures are all going in next week.

It’s All in the Details

While many of the features on this project are worth mentioning, here are a couple of the details that are really breathtaking.

Fireplace in Alair Custom Home on Bowen Island

Custom wide plank oak flooring in Bowen Island Custom Home

Living Roof Rendering of our Bowen Island Custom Home

Final Steps on our Bowen Island Custom Home

We hope you enjoyed reading about our update on our Bowen Island custom home. It has been an amazing project to work on so far and each trade has completed their work with a strong sense of pride.  Still to come – landscaping and a living roof! One thing’s for sure, we’re becoming experts in unique spaces for discerning clients.