Living Better Starts on Bowen Island

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Living Better Starts on Bowen Island

Welcome to Bowen Island

A Picturesque Destination

Are you looking for a peaceful, idyllic island to call home? Look no further than Bowen Island, British Columbia. Nestled in the waters of Howe Sound, this picturesque island offers stunning views and plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. From the 20-minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to the abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, there’s no shortage of reasons why so many people are choosing Bowen Island as their home.

Outdoor Recreation at Bowen Island

Bowen Island boasts an extensive network of trails that will take you through lush forests, stunning viewpoints, and charming neighbourhoods.

Mount Gardner is home to a variety of breathtaking views from the tallest point in Bowen Island. The popular Dorman Point Trail in Crippen Regional Park offers a picturesque view of Howe Sound, while the Killarney Lake Loop offers a peaceful walk around the serene lake. For mountain bikers, Bowen Island offers a range of trails suitable for all levels, from the family-friendly Collins Road Trail to the more challenging King Edward Bay Trail.

As an island, Bowen offers a variety of water activities for residents to enjoy. Kayaking and paddleboarding are popular choices, as you can explore the island’s tranquil coves and bays while taking in the stunning views of the water and mountains. The Bowen Island Marina offers boat rentals for those looking to go fishing, crabbing or even whale watching.

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