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The beauty that comes with turfgrass is second to none. In fact, this is among the best ways to take property value a notch higher. Increasing the value of your custom built home is not the only thing that turfgrass has to offer. Unlike wood, asphalt, and concrete, grass is a surefire way of trapping carbon dioxide that is responsible for global warming. In this article, we take a closer look at how lawn grass benefits you as well as the surrounding environment.

Fresh Air

Plants release oxygen after carbon dioxide intake, and grass is no exception. Oxygen is essential in terms of sustaining animal and human life, but carbon dioxide also needs to be trapped. There is the risk of dangers such as elevated temperatures should carbon dioxide levels go unchecked.

In addition to preventing toxic build-up of carbon dioxide, turfgrass plays a major role in trapping dust that would otherwise end up in your respiratory system. This not only means easier breathing, but also cleaner windows, cleaner houses and cleaner cars.

Storm-Water Runoff

What happens to a bare yard area when it rains? The gravel, mulch, and soil get washed away creating holes, divots, and ruts, right? Of course, all the water and materials have to go somewhere, and this is usually the genesis of clogged storm drains that lead to flooded houses and streets. All these eventually drain into lakes and creeks making them polluted and cloudy. With turfgrass by your side, this would be the least of your worries. Turf will slow the runoff and channel it towards the groundwater systems.

Soil Structure Improvement

Compacted soil lacks proper structure hence preventing water to go through it. This goes to say that groundwater resources fail to get refilled even after it rains. This is a big problem in places where rainfall is the primary drinking water source. What is more, grass plays a major role in terms of keeping soil structure open and loose for the water to percolate through the water pores.

Decreased Noise Pollution

A walk through a crowded suburban area or a city will help you appreciate the low noise levels in your neighborhood. This is on the basis that hard surfaces serve as solid ground for sounds to bounce back. You will be glad to know that grass acts as an insulation panel or blanket. This is a great advantage as the insulating properties absorb sounds from animals, automobiles and people.

Cooling Effect

living area with large windows overlooking turf lawn

Have you ever noticed that places with lots of trees and grass are generally cooler as compared to urban areas characterized by concrete and buildings? In fact, extra energy is needed to cool concrete-surrounded buildings as compared to those that are grass-surrounded. In addition to making your yard cooler, a lush lawn could be what you need to bring power costs down in your custom built home – sweet news to the ears in today’s unforgiving economy, isn’t it?

Safe Recreation Area

Abrasions can at times feel like a monkey in the back as the smallest can hinder you from handling your everyday tasks. The good news is that turfgrass in your custom built home offers a cushioned and soft playing surface that keeps abrasions at bay. Fewer abrasions means less infections that can at times snowball into serious conditions. You might be surprised to learn that soil bacteria is known to sanitize living turf!

Final Word

Truth is, turf has lots of benefits that cannot be exhausted in this forum. If all these benefits offer something you would like, turfgrass is something you need to seriously consider.