Whether you are getting ready to renovate a kitchen, bathroom or the basement, it’s important to take steps to ensure the home renovation is as smooth and efficient as possible. Getting organized is one way to accomplish this. Organization involves advanced planning, clearing the rooms and making sure your space is accessible to contractors. Here are some tips to get you started.


In the weeks before your home renovation, get rid of anything you don’t absolutely need. Give away or donate unnecessary items, or even have a garage sale to help clear areas so work can progress without too much clutter. Take a systematic approach, and finally tackle those items sitting far back in your cabinets or on the bottom shelf of your bathroom vanity. Sort through and organize cupboards, cabinets and cabinets, and makes sure the walkways are clear of large furniture and small objects too.

Relocate Items You are Keeping

Regardless of the room you are renovating, there will be items in it that you wish to keep. Find a temporary home for them away from construction. This will help ensure they not get damaged or stolen during the remodeling process. Rent a small storage unit if necessary, and use it until the project is complete. Arrange and organize the storage unit so items that you may need are close to the front and more easily accessible. If you have an empty room, large closet, or storage building, you may be able to save the monthly fees by using this space instead.

Get Everyone Involved

Remember, no man is an island. Make the entire renovation process a group project. Involve everyone in decisions about colors, materials, storage, new furnishings and appliances, and room arrangements. Ask for family member’s assistance in clearing the area and storing extra items. When all is said and done, everyone will take pride in the final results. They will also take ownership and be of even more assistance in maintaining and keeping up the area when it is complete.

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Set Up Alternate Facilities

It may be necessary to set up an alternate area while a specific room is being worked on. For example, if your kitchen is being renovated, you may need to move a hotplate and/or microwave into your laundry room. If your bathroom is being remodeled, make arrangements for family members to shower somewhere else. Sometimes the best option includes staying with a family member or at a hotel until the renovation is complete.

Involve Your Contractor

Now that your room is organized and cleared out, it’s a great time to truly think about how you want to use the space. Do you need a play space in a guest bedroom for the kids? Are you remodeling the kitchen to include a nook for homework or family business? Will your new bathroom need to contain enough storage space for extra towels and toilet paper? Discuss these things with your contractor. Be specific. The more they know about how you want to use the space, the better prepared they will be to design and build a space that works for you.

Preparing in advance of your renovation helps the process to run smoother, saving you from a lot of stress. Discuss your plan with your project manager. Ask questions if you have them. Our job is to help you enjoy renovating so it feels successful. Alair Homes Scarborough has lots of other great ideas to share. Contact us if we can help.