There are many things to consider before building your forever home. The most important thing to think about is change. You will experience a lot of different stages in life as time moves on. This is why it is important to think about your current and future needs when designing your forever home.

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Future Accessibility

We lose a bit of our mobility as we get older, and this leads to risks of injury, falls or other complications. These risks are the number one reason why seniors leave their homes. So designing your home to make it easier to get around in is important.

Make sure it is easy to climb the stairs as you grow older. It is sometimes best to plan for an accessibility modification, such as an elevator or stair lift. You can also avoid using the stairs too often by placing the master bedroom on the ground floor. Throughout the home, leave space for shower bars, wheelchair ramps or pool lifts so you can add them if you need them.

When designing your forever home, make sure the layout features 3-foot doorways, 4-foot hallways and at least a 5-foot turn radius in all rooms. This way, it is easier for anyone who needs a wheelchair to move around the house.

Available Space

Most clients design a home to accommodate the current number of people in the family. While this is a good idea, consider also how your family might change through the years. If you are young and single, think about the possibility of getting married or even starting a family one day. As a family with young children, consider that they will eventually grow older and leave home. When you are close to retirement, perhaps have an extra room for live-in care should you one day need it.

Extra space in your forever home is also great for entertaining family and friends. You can use the additional space for practicing yoga exercises, working on a hobby or adding a study too.

Bedrooms come in handy when your loved ones come to visit for several days. Adult children may want to provide in-home care as you grow older, and they can stay in the extra bedrooms during this time.

It is not uncommon for families to live together as adults. The extra space makes it easier for everyone to live comfortably under one roof.

Long Term Location

Build your forever home in a neighborhood you love. Living close to a reputable school district is important if you have children, but you may want to live near the grocery store or hospital as you grow older. It is also important to find a lot that works for the size and floor plan of your home and any future expansions. You can find the right location by working with a reputable Realtor.

As a client, approach your custom home project with your current and future needs in mind. Take the time to consider what they will be. Talk to your Alair Homes Scarborough general contractor, and let’s work together to design and build the perfect forever home for you.