Alair Homes Regina

Buying a new home can be convenient and easy. However, finding all the features you need in one house is hard and you might need to search for a long time to get at least half of what you’re looking for. Instead of spending time-and-money searching for the perfect home, why not build a custom home? The biggest benefit of building a custom home is that you decide what you want as part of your home. You can determine the number of rooms, the size, and the features. Many potential homeowners fear the cost of buillding from scratch, but Alair Homes Regina helps to demistify the stigma surrounding a custom home budget.

Average Cost

It is easy to build a beautiful custom home in Regina ranging from $350,000 to $500,000. Contractors in Regina offer amazing designs with granite counter tops, decorative ceilings, large windows, customizable floors-and-spacious rooms. You can work with a contractor to design a house within your budget. You can have a chef’s kitchen, a large entertainment space or even a gaming room for the kids. This price is suitable for first time homeowners who want customized features.

Custom Home in Regina

Some clients are looking to build their dream home, and in this case, budget might not be as much of a factor. There’s not a true upward limit to how much a client can spend on a home if funding allows. Premiere luxury homes with all the upgrades can cost $500,000 or even a million dollars or more. High-end homes have large rooms, large windows, marble counter tops, storage space and much more. A high-end custom design might include exotic hardwoods, petrified wood or distinctive granite counter tops, custom cabinetry, perhaps an indoor swimming pool and other top of the line finishes. However, it is possible to reserve funds for only some of these selections to put the focus on the areas of a home that are most important to your family. The key is to work closely with your contractor to develop a plan that suits your budget and your needs for your high-end home. Find a reputable contractor who has a good track record. You can request for a portfolio of the previous project to get ideas for features of your new home.

Cost Determiners

There are three main factors that could affect your budget. While these key factors are important to bear in mind, there is no exact number you can rely on. It it crucial to research and compare quotes for any product and service you set out to recieve.

  • Raw Materials: The raw materials used to build your custom home will play a big part in the total cost. You can build using brick, concrete-or-wood. You also need metal beams for support pillars, concrete to set the flow, window frames-and-glass. The raw materials will be determined by the designs you want. Summer cabin houses are often best built with wood while modern condos use more concrete.
  • Design: Complicated designs are costlier to build compared to simple designs. Difficult designs need specialized engineers whose labor costs are higher than the normal rates. If you want a high-end design for your new home, then you need to be prepared to dig deep into your pocket.
  • Labor: The cost of labor itself, regardless of the design, will vary from one contractor to the next. Get a quotation from several reputable firms before deciding on the best firm to use. Labor can be charged on hourly bases or a fixed price. It is better to choose a fixed price because building a home is a long term project. You can pay the funds in phases as the construction continues.

Additional Costs

Some costs are not part of the building costs, but they are necessary to consider for a better estimation of total cost. These costs contribute to the purchase of the house, moving in and-getting settled. These costs include the following:

  • Appliances and Furniture: You may need to upgrade your appliances and furniture to suit your new home. You can opt to sell your old furniture and appliances to cover part of the cost. Alternatively, you can move in with your old appliances and buy what you don’t have piece by piece.
  • Land: You need to buy land to build a custom home. Finding property in Regina is easy. You can visit a real estate agent who will help you find a suitable location. The cost of land will depend on the location, access to amenities and the distance to the city.
  • Legal services: You will pay legal fees for the contract of buying land and hiring a builder. These fees will vary from one attorney to another.

Bottom Line

Building a custom home in Regina is a great idea. Regina is a robust city that is expanding at an exponential rate. The city is a suitable place for raising children, doing business or working. Build your dream home in Regina today to enjoy the fantastic culture and a great community.