Alair Homes is excited to sponsor the MOB Racing Motocross Team

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Alair Homes / MOB Racing High Flying with Quality

Meet the team:

#64 Mitchell Nelson (15 years old) riding in the Jr. Class.
#64 Mitchell Nelson (15 years old) riding in the Jr. Class

#19 Owen Hopewell (6 years old) riding in the 50cc Class

#19 Owen Hopewell (6 years old) riding in the 50cc Class

#99 Bradley Nelson (12 years old) riding in the 85cc Class.
#99 Bradley Nelson (12 years old) riding in the 85cc Class

Hence the MOB team name. The MOB Racing Team competes in CMRC sanctioned races in Port Alberni, Campbell River, Port McNeil and their hometown track “The Wastelands” in Nanaimo. Over a 6-month race schedule the riders will race in 16 events. With the final race and awards night being held in Campbell River on October 16, 2013.

Alair Homes prides itself on living up to certain standards in both our construction projects and in the way we treat our Suppliers, Sub-Trades and Clients. So often in competitive sports or business you hear stories about the negative side of competition/business, like hockey parents fighting in the stands at Tyke games or companies not looking after its employees after 25 years of service. The Motocross community from our perspective has been a great fit with our values.

For example at the first race of the season in Campbell River I saw a “Moto Dad” running around franticly trying to repair a damaged bike before the next race started. To my surprise and admiration I realized that the bike he was fixing wasn’t his own son’s bike. It was another rider’s from a different town who was in fact racing against his son. This is good sportsmanship – this is the type of individual we try to surround ourselves with at Alair Homes. We feel that life isn’t always about just getting ahead at any expense. This Dad could have looked the other way. His son would have had one less racer to go up against. But instead he helped the competitor get into the race.

His son did end up winning because he performed the best that day. Alair Homes feels the same about our projects, sure there are numerous other Contractors in our industry. Alair has been successful because of hard work, working with skilled, qualified trades and being honest. This is how we separate ourselves from the pack. We do not have to badmouth our fellow Contractors. We let our work and reputation speak for itself. This is how we lead our industry.

Good luck to Mitchell, Owen and Bradley for the rest of the season.