Alair Homes today announced a custom home especially designed and built to be unveiled and auctioned off for charity at the 2013 IDSwest Show. This cutting-edge H&L Laneway Home, built by the Alair Homes team, was designed with a living small and modern motif, pushing the boundaries of minimal footprint home building.


Interior Design Show West (IDSwest) is an annual design hub for more than 30,000 design enthusiasts. Each year at IDSwest, participants work to transform an empty exposition hall into a spectacular show of home design and creative living.

Owner and operator of Alair Homes, David Babakaiff, earlier this year announced Alair’s participation in the Alzheimer Society of British Columbia charity event being held at IDSwest. Several companies and individuals, including Homes & Living Magazine, Modern604 and Italinteriors, teamed up with Alair Homes for a charitable collaboration to redefine the art of living small.

“This project has been an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience,” said David. “We were given only one requirement—a maximum square footage—otherwise we were free to design and build the home. We came up with this idea, the art of living small, and I believe people will consider the option of a compact living space differently after seeing the house. It’s a unique opportunity to learn and innovate when such talented people come together to work on a common goal. Developing and building the designs Gaile Guevara and her team from Modern604 created lead to many insights I will share with clients in the future.”

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is slated to release its latest issue during the IDSwest show with this custom home featured on the cover. Having spent considerable time with the team, the article will give an in-depth look at the process, details, and development that went on behind the scenes.

“At 516 square feet, a creative design coupled with maximum efficiency was a necessity,” said Blair McDaniel, President of Alair Homes. “This has been an exciting opportunity to work with some of the best designers and respected suppliers in Canada to create a home that not only has a small footprint, but also exceptional comfort and style. Compact living spaces aren’t feasible if the only function being designed is a minimal use of space. That kind of house never becomes a home.”

On September 21st, IDSwest is hosting a live auction during the event where the home will be unveiled and attendees will bid on the home. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Alzheimer Society of BC.

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