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One aspect of Alair Homes that has set us apart from most residential construction companies is the use of the Project Manager. Most General Contractors will come into your home, give you a price, and either do the work himself or you wont see him again before it’s time to hand him a check. At Alair Homes we strive to integrate a more professional approach to your home, often times seen in a more commercial environment. Managing client expectations and on-site coordination is quickly becoming par in a residential system overwhelmed by the ‘handyman’, and Alair Homes is running at the forefront of this revolution.

But why our Project Managers? Three qualities lacking in this age of entitlement are hard work ethic, experience, and love for craft. Not only have our project managers worked their way up to their positions but it’s love for their trade that has carried them there since from an early age. Out of secondary school, some even before at family businesses, have painstakingly gained their experience and found their way home to Alair with callused hands.

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With a diverse range of age comes different perspectives on unexpected situations encountered on site. Tradesmen from both commercial and residential backing provide expertise from foundation to fixtures and finishes. Their humility promotes the honesty that you will find a dying breed and a breath of fresh air, not only in the industry, but in society as a whole. Our project managers are not omnipotent, but that is not our pitch, we are here to be honest with you, investigate, and give you the right answer. Their patience, calm, and warm approach to what can be a stressful time, will soothe your worries away. Dedication to the site will provide you the security your expecting when your dream home is being built. Their ‘disaster relief’, ‘champagne milestones’, and on-site presence put to shame the ever pervasive ‘invisible’ or ‘silent’ contractor.

But by far the biggest quality shared amongst our project managers is love. We have a family here at Alair Homes. Brothers and sisters working shoulder to shoulder, sharing knowledge, building wisdom, and improving our system….together. We invite you to join the family. You have a problem? Family is here. You have a question? Family is here. Want to have a beer? Family is here. Alair Homes is here to stay; Family is forever.