Regardless of whether you are preparing to renovate your existing kitchen or you are designing a kitchen for a custom home, you understandably have incredible aspirations for what this space may be. Many people find that their current kitchen is impractical or less than stunning from an aesthetic standpoint. While renovating, their goal is to improve these things and create a space that they love. To ensure that you love your new kitchen design, explore the answers to some of these essential questions.

What Are Some Excellent Features to Include in a Chef’s Kitchen?

Many people cook regularly in their kitchen, but if you are a true cooking enthusiast or if you normally cook for a big group, you may want a custom kitchen that takes your time in the kitchen to a new level. A chef’s kitchen has numerous features that facilitate an enhanced food prep experience. These features may include multiple spaces for different people to assist with food prep, a gas range, high-end appliances, a larger fridge, a warming drawer, a pot-filler, a deep sink and even two dishwashers and ovens.

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How Can I Create a Kitchen Well-Suited for Entertaining?

If you entertain regularly in your home, your kitchen may be a gathering place for guests. This may be an area where food and snacks are served or where guests gather to chat while you prepare food. An entertaining kitchen has beautiful style, and the kitchen design also includes ample space for easy flow of traffic. However, the overall layout of a large kitchen designed for entertaining may feature a huge island. An island can separate you from your guests so that you have more space to work. It also can provide you with ample counter space to set up a buffet area.

How Can I Increase the Size of My Small Kitchen?

A common concern that many people have about their current kitchen design is the size. This may be most common in galley-style kitchens, but it also can be problematic in other room layouts. There are many ways to expand the size of a kitchen, such as by extending the space into an unused formal dining room or even building an extension to the home. Some homeowners are not necessarily unhappy with the size, but they feel that their kitchen is cramped and closed off. A thoughtful design for a new custom kitchen can be created that addresses your concerns and that gives you the updated style you desire.

What Are Some Design Ideas for an Eat-In Kitchen?

Kitchens are increasingly used as casual dining areas. In some homes, a separate breakfast area is removed during a renovation. This provides space to enlarge the kitchen while incorporating an eat-in area. A common way to create an eat-in area is by installing a very large island in a custom kitchen. This may be a flat island, or it may have a raised area to create bar-style seating on one side. Islands may also be angled or bent to accommodate the natural shape of the room. The right shape creates suitable flow in the space.

There are numerous design ideas worth exploring when you’re renovating your kitchen, and Alair Homes Forest Hill Toronto can help you to understand them all and make educated choices. Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.