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Open shelves are one common feature to include in kitchens because they are minimal and contribute to a light and airy setting. While custom cabinetry remains a popular choice too, open shelving works well in smaller spaces and as a complement across corners or in places where cabinetry simply does not fit. Alair Homes Forest Hill offers these suggestions for where to place your open cabinetry.

In the Corner of the Room

Placing shelves in the corner of the room is ideal especially if you have a kitchen that is L- or U-shaped. Place the shelves a few feet above the counter to create an illusion of height while still ensuring necessary items are within reach.

Over the Island

Many people do not consider the space above the island to be useful for shelving, but homeowners make a statement and cause the area to become the focal point of the setting with open shelving. Anchor shelves to the ceiling for additional storage space for wine glasses or pots and pans. Hang them above eye level to ensure that you can still have a conversation in the room without feeling blocked by the feature.

At the End of a Peninsula

Consider placing your open shelves along the wall at the end of a peninsula. This helps you to avoid cutting off any sight lines. You can use the open shelving to store mugs, cups or photo frames.

Under a Slanted Ceiling

Placing shelves under a slanted ceiling in the room looks chic and modern when you want to draw attention to the space. The area is ideal for open shelving and not well suited for custom cabinetry. Take advantage of the room on the wall for your dishes while still maintaining a streamlined appearance.

Over a Small Station

Some designers choose to install open shelves above a small station where you can store the basics, whether it is an area where you make your coffee each day, a small work station or a cozy breakfast nook. Consider installing shelves that feature exposed hardware. This looks rustic and trendy and can create a decorative feature that complements decor in other parts of your home.

Across the Windows

Placing your open shelves across the windows in the kitchen prevents you from blocking any natural light. You can change the whole look of the room without losing the beautiful benefits of sunlight. The window should still be able to open and close with the shelves installed. Use these shelves for smaller or decorative items; perhaps an herb garden or glass mason jars filled with hand soap and dish soap. This is a great way to take advantage of space that you may not have otherwise been able to use

There are so many great ways to use open shelving in your kitchen, and these are just a few ideas. Consider this option as you are designing your custom kitchen, and ask your Alair Homes Forest Hill general contractor to share more great ideas.