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When building your dream home, the house should feature certain amenities and materials that are specific to everything you envisioned. You’ll have the freedom to select certain upgrades that enhance the quality of the house and allow you to enjoy it long-term. When choosing the right features to include, there are a few upgrades that can improve your quality of life.

Wood Floors in Your Hallways Upstairs

Although wood floors are a standard feature in custom homes, many people still choose to install carpet in the hallways upstairs to save money. Opt for adding hardwood floors in your upper halls to add an extra upgrade that is regal and an extension of the first floor of the building. The floors can also work well with a wooden staircase that is built.

Glass Inserts in the Cabinets

You can draw more attention to your cabinets with glass inserts that are included, which will allow you to put your China or mugs on display and create more depth in the kitchen. Glass inserts in the cabinets are considered to be an upgrade because they look sleek and high-end compared to stock cabinets.

High Cabinets

High cabinets will allow you to have extra storage space in your kitchen or bathrooms to reduce the amount of clutter that develops in the room. High cabinets can boost the resale value of your home and will also allow you to have a place to store your pantry items.

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Carpet Pads

Enhance the level of comfort of your carpet by adding a soft pad underneath, which can be more comfortable on your joints and will add a cozy touch to the living space. When working with a company like Alair Homes Forest Hill Toronto to build your custom home, request that the carpet padding is installed for an affordable addition that won’t break the bank and will make it easier to walk barefoot throughout the house. The material is also ideal to add if you have toddlers who are running around to reduce the risk of an injury if they fall.

High-end Tile

Make it a point to invest in the tiles that are installed in your kitchen, bathrooms, or entryway to make a statement and draw attention to a backsplash or the floor. Many tiles feature a beautiful pattern that is contemporary and looks upscale when you want the home to look professionally designed. Investing in quality tiles can prevent them from chipping or cracking easily in the future and will also reduce the chances of wanting to swap it out for different tiles in the coming years.

Drawers for Pots and Pans

When building a custom home, consider installing drawers that are specifically created to store pots and pans to make the items easy to find and access. Pot and pans drawers are deeper to ensure that you can keep everything in one place. They can also be used to store blenders, toasters, and grills for items that aren’t used as frequently.

Colorful Cabinets

Adding cabinets that are painted will add a lively touch to your kitchen and can allow the space to feel modern. Choose a neutral color shade that isn’t overly bold and will continue to look contemporary in the future.