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The kitchen is the focal point of any home where family members gather around to spend time together and cook memorable meals. It’s important that the space is updated and looks beautiful to ensure that it’s appealing and comfortable. When you’re building a custom home, there are a few kitchen trends for 2018 to consider.

Apron-Front Sinks

Apron-front sinks embrace a farmhouse style that is commonly seen in residential properties due to popular home improvement shows on television. It can also work with a variety of other styles, making it versatile when you change the style of the kitchen in the coming years. You’ll need to install a different cabinet compared to a drop-in, making it necessary to work around the feature while building the space.

Painted Cabinets

Cabinets are now contributing to the design and style of homes more with a fresh coat of paint that allow them to stand out. Consider making the cabinets the focal point of the room by adding yellow, red, or blue to the wood, which has more visual appeal than classic white. Blue is one of the most popular color shades for the year because it creates a light and airy setting that is still cozy. Gray is also an option and looks modern and upscale when paired with brass fixtures.

Quartz Countertops

Marble countertops are incredibly sleek and regal but can be out of the price range for most people who are building a home. Instead, opt for adding quartz countertops, which have a lower price tag and a similar style to marble. The material is hardwearing and won’t scuff or scratch easily with daily use, which can maintain the appeal and value of your space in your Alair Homes Forest Hill Toronto property.

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Functional Lighting

The amount of lighting that is available in the room will determine how comfortable it feels. Layered lighting is one of the latest trends in 2018. Consider installing LED undercabinet lighting, and recessed ceiling lights, which will create the illusion of a larger room that feels more spacious. Installing multiple pendant lights will also look beautiful over a dining table or island. The pendant lights can work as task lighting that makes it easier to prepare food or set the table while also contributing to the style of the room with their design.

Modern track lights have also gained popularity because they’ll highlight specific areas of the room that you want to put on display without overpowering the setting with too much illumination.

When designing your kitchen we will help you take your lighting up a notch by discussing options like dimmers, 3-ways, in cabinet lighting, and smart switches (which allows you to control your lights and set the mood with an easy (and fun to use) app.

French Door Fridges

French door fridges not only look elegant and beautiful but offer ease of use when cooking and looking for specific items. The doors also don’t need to be swung open as much compared to top-freezer refrigerators when they’re used which provides for more flexibility when designing your layout. The amount of space that is available also allows everything to be within reach and avoid creating a cluttered environment for your condiments, milk, and leftovers.

Following the latest 2018 trends will allow the environment to feel contemporary and appealing when you’re creating the house of your dreams. With the right features added, you’ll boost the functionality of the space and can allow it to be your favorite room in the home.