When building your custom home, you will likely want a useful and beautiful space for your home office. The professional building team at Alair Homes Forest Hill Toronto offers 10 trending ideas to help you get started.

Comfortable Spot

While your office is a serious space, you also want a comfortable spot to stretch out for reading, phone calls or break time. A window seat or small sofa is perfect for this purpose.

Floating Desk

A floating desk sits in the middle of the room on an area rug and creates a focal point. An outlet in the floor underneath prevents tripping hazards.

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Handy Nook

Hallways, bedrooms and custom kitchens can offer small areas that are perfect for a workstation. You can pay your bills or work on the computer in a compact and clutter-free space.

Tailored Furniture

One of the advantages of a custom home is the ability to create furniture to fit each room. You can incorporate this concept into your office by hanging shelves on the wall and installing a desk that hugs the perimeter of the room for an open look.

Smart Shelving

Built-in shelves have become popular in modern home office spaces. These offer storage and concealment for printers and creative placement of charging stations and outlets.

Double Duty

If you have a guest room, letting it double as an office is an excellent way to conserve space in your house while having an extra bed available for guests, when needed.

Dual Space

This idea is practical for couples who work together or if your kids need a place to do their homework. Having an office built for two allows you have plenty of storage with the ability to spread your work out when you are alone.

Bulletin Board

A bulletin board, also called a pinboard, may seem like a dated concept, but it is a wonderful organizational tool. You can pin up schedules, photos and mementos. A bulletin board is also good for planning literary projects and keeping papers off your desk.

Corner Desk

Much like a nook, a corner desk offers usefulness in an otherwise wasted area of the room. You can buy or build a desk to fit the corner and enjoy an expansive work station.

Independent Studio

If you have an outbuilding on your property, it might be worth fixing up to create a dedicated home office. You can have multiple desk areas, computers, printers, a darkroom and enough quality light to paint. Any business or hobby can benefit from a studio.

Your custom home is a dream come true. Considering the ideas above will give you the office design you need. For more great ideas, contact Alair Homes Forest Hill.