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Custom home managers are responsible for monitoring each step of the building process when you’re ready to own your dream home. Although it can often be confusing for buyers to know which step to take when building a custom home, the project manager can assist you with the process. By understanding their role, you’ll get an idea of who they manage and the tasks that they’ll complete.

Manages Subcontractors

Custom home project managers will oversee each step of the construction process and is the superior of subcontractors that are working on the home. They’ll review different bids for the job and will determine the right subcontractors that are hired. They can multi-task each day and solve problems to continue the progress that is made while working hard to meet the deadline. In some cases, they often work on multiple home projects at one time.

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Project managers are customer-focused and will have your best interest in mind with each decision that is made. They’ll listen to your needs and will also perform any changes that are requested. They work hard to build a house that meets the customer’s needs and requests, which involves communicating regularly with the client. They’ll contact you if they have questions or need to inform you of any issues that develop.

Knowledge of County Codes

When building an Alair Homes Edmonton property, the project manager is extremely knowledgeable about the local county codes to ensure that the construction is legal and passes all inspections once it’s completed. They’ll apply for each permit that is needed and will be aware of how to get approved for the work that needs to be done.

Practices Customer Service

Project managers of houses that are built are often capable of providing a high level of customer service because they work directly with the buyers on a regular basis. You can expect for them to contact you regularly, via phone or email, to update you on the progress that is made on the site. If you have any questions, they’ll be your point of contact to ensure that you’re on the same page and are happy with the work that is completed. If you want a tour of the home with each phase of the construction, the manager will be present to walk you through the house and explain what has been performed.

Assists with Project Design

Managers are also responsible for assisting with project design to ensure that the house looks beautiful from top to bottom. They’ll help you select the right fixtures to use in the bathrooms or design the layout of the property to make it meet your needs and style. You can get their advice on products that are more durable or items that fit your budget to ensure that you have the help of a professional. They’re often knowledgeable about the latest designs to use for new homes, which will allow your home to have a high level of appeal and look contemporary.

Once you’re ready to relocate to a new home, the project manager is the best person to contact when you want to stay updated on the construction. With the help of a professional, you can enjoy moving into a space that is beautiful and will allow you to feel at home.