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If you are embarking on your first home renovation, you may feel overwhelmed. While the job is challenging, the end result will be well worth the effort. The professionals at Alair Homes Edmonton outline six tips to help you through your project.

Daily Arrangements

After you have decided on a contractor and work begins, your life will become a bit more chaotic. You should be prepared for workers inside and outside your home, constant deliveries and a portable toilet in your yard. Be mindful of where you park your vehicles and ensure that children and pets have a safe space and a routine to keep them calm.

Yard Wear

With the extra foot traffic and daily deliveries, your yard will experience some minor wear during the project. A new foundation means large piles of dirt and heavy equipment on your property. If you are concerned about the effect the work will have on your yard, communicate with the construction crew to ensure they take precautions. In the end, you will likely have to do some yard maintenance.

Drafts and Dust

Any home renovation project will bring drafts, dust and disorder. The work crew will hang plastic sheets to stop as much dust as possible, but you will still have to deal with light layers throughout the job. When each work day ends, the crew should clean up debris and seal the house as much as possible to block drafts. Wherever there is a hole in an outside wall, there will be at least a slight draft. You will have to be prepared for this situation.

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Regardless of how well planned a project is, there will inevitably be delays. The majority of slowdowns are caused by materials being unavailable or the weather being too wet or cold. This is why contingencies need to be built into the plan and the budget to offset these issues. Being a few days behind is not unusual on jobs of this scale. Keep calm and go with the flow.


Even if your project is moving along well, and you are happy with the work, you may become inspired by something else you saw out of the blue. While making changes along the way is normal for most renovations, you should be cautious to avoid scope creep and extra costs. Before asking for a change, make sure the request is practical and will keep the project within budget. In addition, you need to be clear with your communication regarding any changes in the work, and keep a meticulous paper trail to avoid costly mistakes.

Future Planning

Having a shiny new home is wonderful, but if you plan on staying in it for the long term, you will want to future-proof it. Perhaps your aging parents will move in a few years down the road. You will want wider doorways and grab bars in the bathroom. Your contractor will be happy to accommodate these requests if you put in your plan and make your wishes known.

A home renovation does not have be scary. Following the tips provided by Alair Homes Edmonton will help you through the process and give you the home you have always wanted.