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Sherwood Park is an amazing community, and we love living and working in the city.

We’ve had some amazing home renovation projects in Sherwood Park. In fact, we think Sherwood Park is our lucky charm because several of our large renovations in the area have become multiple award-winning homes.

Maybe there’s something in the water, but Sherwood Park is a hot spot for great home renovations, and more and more Sherwood Park residents are asking us about their home improvement options.

From smaller scale home improvement projects to total transformation renovations, there are many ways to improve your home to enhance your quality of life.

Here are a few ideas from some of our “Best-in-Show” Sherwood Park homes to get you started.

Figure Out Your Foundation and Build a Plan

Whether you’re growing your family and need more space, or simply want to modernize your home, you need to first figure out how your home needs to function for you and your family. These three Sherwood Park renovations all share a common renovation foundation, and it’s actually the foundation of the home.

Each of these three properties preserved the original foundation, which saves time, money and materials. The homeowners all wanted to expand their living space, but rather than a full tear-down and rebuild, we were able to start with the existing structure of the home.

If your foundation is safe and structurally sound, this could be an option for your home renovation as well.

Look for Opportunities to Make a Splash While Saving Cash

Reusing the foundation is just one way to save some cash on your home renovation. We look for opportunities to bring distinct features into your home that won’t break the bank. As an example, this Sconadale home we recently completed boasts big beams of distressed wood, and is a focal point of the design in several rooms.

We used Fir (an affordable and durable wood), and our team distressed the wood before staining it to give it an earthy, rustic feel. From there, we installed the wood beams in the ceiling, as mantle pieces, and even built a custom kitchen table for continuity in the space.

In the same home, we saved the homeowners thousands of dollars by purchasing closet shelving from a big box retailer and simply adding some finishing touches to give it a custom look. The end result was a custom walk-in closet for half the cost.

From Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan

If you feel like your home is an ugly duckling, sometimes it’s difficult to see the potential for it to become a beautiful swan. It may seem easier to sell your home and move to something bigger and newer. And that’s certainly an option. However, often times a renovation is the best solution to stay in your neighbourhood, increase the value of your home, and have the home you desire. We can help you see the potential in your home, and the transformation can truly be amazing.

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Sunhill Estates

  • Winner of the 2014 CHBA-Edmonton and CHBA-Alberta Award of Excellence in Housing (Best renovation over $500,000)
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Chrenek Acres

  • Winner of the 2015 CHBA-Edmonton, CHBA-Alberta and CHBA-National Award of Excellence in Housing (Best renovation over $500,000)
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  • Finalist for the 2016 CHBA-Alberta Award of Excellence in Housing (Best renovation over $500,000)
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