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We all look forward to the weekend after working all week. However, when the weekend finally comes, we often spend it cleaning and doing chores. It is important to spend some time relaxing on the weekends so that you can refresh yourself and prepare for the upcoming work week.

Here are some ideas for relaxing at your Edmonton home:

Have A Cup Of Coffee

You can start your weekend off right by having a cup of coffee. If the weather outside is nice, then you may want to consider having your cup of coffee outside. Cleaning is something that most people dread, so you may want to consider calling in a cleaning service. If you have to clean your own home, then you can set a timer and try to get your chores done as quickly as possible.

Decorate Your Living Space

If decorating is something that you enjoy, then you may want to spend part of your weekend doing that. You do not have to buy anything new. There are a number of ways that you can decorate your living space without adding new things. For example, you can move things from one room to another. You can also put up some family photos.

If you plan on shopping this weekend, then you can go to your local flea market or thrift store and buy things that are inexpensive.


A picnic is a fun way to spend the weekend if the weather is nice. You can head to the market, pick up some fruits and veggies and head back home to have a picnic in your backyard.

Take A Walk Around The Neighborhood

Taking a walk around your neighborhood can help you clear your mind. You may discover places that you have never seen before when you walk around the neighborhood. When you return home from your bike ride, you can refresh yourself with a glass of water. You can add orange, lemons or cucumbers to your water for flavor.

Put On Your Music

Music has the power to shift our mood and makes us forget about all of our problems. You can listen to your CDs or take advantage of the numerous streaming services that are available. You can also invite a friend over to listen to music.

Write In Your Journal

Journaling is a great outlet for expressing your feelings. You can spend part of your afternoon journaling. You can also spend your afternoon reading.