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Jamie: Hello Peeps! (laughing)

Kelly: This is Jamie.

Jamie: Yeah.

Jamie: And this is Kelly.

Kelly: Yes.

Jamie: I’m a builder, and Kelly’s a Real Estate Agent.

Kelly: Yes.

Jamie: And we’re interested in promoting Edmonton’s Mature Neighborhoods. Last night we took in a REIN meeting.

Kelly: What’s REIN?

Jamie: It’s a Real Estate Investment network. It’s an education body talking about rental properties. But we were interested about rentals, we both own rentals. But what we were really interested in was what these guys were saying, the economical outlook for the city of Edmonton was, and where do they see the value in the city. And one of the main speakers, you might have heard of him, Dawn Campbell, he was talking about the arena, and the value to the properties around the arena.

Kelly: He called the arena a game changer for Edmontonians and the economy of our city, which I completely agree.

Jamie: And he said, he walked down there yesterday, and all the dust settled on him from all the construction, and the noise, and he just loved it, because here, in the middle of our city there’s this massive beautiful arena being erected, and it’s going to have an impact, a direct impact around all the communities right around it. And he talked about the value of having property in and around that as that became an attraction for the city.

Kelly: Yeah, the arena is going back to the ripple effect, it’s gonna take neighborhoods like Chinatown or Oliver, or Queen Mary Park, that could use a little bit of attention and some updating, and it’s gonna just really just change our city. Which is amazing.

Jamie: Another key thing that he talked about was the LRT stations there, and underscored the fact that any property within 800 meters an LRT station is perfect a rental. And when we were looking at the expansion of city LRT system, they are encouraging people to use public transit, and to invest emotionally, and the city is investing obviously financially in this mode of transportation, and I think it’s gonna be something that becomes much more important you know even as our kids grow up.

Kelly: I think the mentality of Edmontonians, and I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, the mentality of us is changing. People used to not want to be beside a bus stop, or people used to not want to be beside LRT or a transit station. Where people now, they see value in not having to drive their car to work, taking the LRT. But just really great news about what our city has to offer in the future, how lucky we are to live in such a strong economy and how strong it’s going.

Jamie: It’s really interesting too to realize where the jobs are in Canada, there’s a lot of people moving here, and we want to embrace everyone that moves here. And you know really make Edmonton a diverse place to live, and enjoy different types of cultures and different types of food. Before the conference Kelly, I just walked down Jasper Ave., which is Edmonton’s main avenue, and there’s a new authentic Mexican restaurant that opened and I had dinner there, and it was amazing, and this was something that is not common in Edmonton.

Kelly: Especially in downtown. Pretty sweeping usually.

Jamie: Is an authentic Mexican restaurant, and anyways so I experienced that, five blocks from the event, and then we had the event, and it was cool.

Jamie: So if you’d like to know anything more about REIN or what they are sharing, feel free to give Kelly and I call, we’d love to talk to you about rentals, about Edmonton, redevelopment, or about the communities that we live and play in.

Kelly: I think a really important point, well this brings us back to the densification of the city is we have all these jobs and all these people moving to Edmonton, and we have all this opportunity to build within the core that can use the infrastructure that we already have, to the benefit of everyone in that city.