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There are different types of storage solutions to consider for your kitchenette, such as open shelving. Floating shelves are very popular because they save space and maintain that open look. The key is to hang the floating shelves in a spot that works for your lifestyle. Use the following guide to find the perfect spot to hang floating shelves in your kitchen.

Surround The Window

Bulky cabinets tend to keep the natural light from flowing into your kitchenette. It is easier for light to fill your space when you replace the cabinets with floating shelves. This allows you to extend the shelves to the window rather than leave a gap for light. You can create ample lighting by using a roll-down shade instead of a standard curtain.

If your window is in a corner or another awkward spot, surrounding it with floating shelves is a great way to maximize your space.

Surround The Range Hood

If you want your range hood to be a focal point, surrounding it with floating shelves allows it to be viewed from various angles. You are cooking in an open space rather than having bulky cabinets in your face. Hanging the floating shelves around your hood is also convenient when preparing meals. You can reach up and grab an ingredient or utensil instead of digging through a cabinet or drawer.

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Above The Sink

You spend a lot of time at your kitchen sink, and you can create more open space with floating shelves above the sink. Create a functional area by placing ingredients or essentials on the shelves, or use the shelves to display colorful flowers and decorative cups. Placing your mobile device on the bottom shelf provides entertainment as you prepare meals or wash dishes.

In A Corner

If you have an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchenette, you can put the corner to work with an L-shaped floating shelf. Eliminating the corner cabinet opens up a space that would otherwise feel cluttered. You can also forget about spending the extra money on a pull-out system. It is easier to grab items off a corner shelf than it is to dig through a corner cabinet.

Above Your Coffee Station

Floating shelves are great for your smaller areas, and one example is your coffee station. You can hang your shelves above a table or counter designated to your coffee items. Use the shelves to organize your coffee maker, coffee, creamer and mugs. The shelves create more space for preparing your coffee, and you do not have to worry about a cluttered station.

Last Inches of Space

It is not always easy to fill your wall space with cabinets that measure at 12 to 15 inches wide. You wind up with dead space at the end of your kitchenette. Put that dead space to work by adding open shelving for your cookbooks, mugs or accents. You can use shelves in a similar color to blend in with your cabinetry, or you can use a different color to create a focal point.

When you are ready to add open shelving to your kitchen, contact Alair Homes Edmonton. The company can help you find a professional contractor to install your open shelves. You can get started by contacting Alair Homes Edmonton to request a free project consultation.