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Your dream home is attainable when you contact Alair Homes Edmonton. Our team of dedicated and expert custom home builders works to ensure all our clients are happy with their home plans, satisfied with their results, and happy to work with us. Putting the needs of the customer first is how a great custom home builder is able to build a solid reputation. It’s based on stellar work and happy homeowners, and it’s one of the most important things you look for in a new home builder. You can bring your dream home to real life, but you need the right builder first.

Get Preapproved

One of the first things you must do when you decide it’s time to build your custom house is find a lender. You need a preapproval letter from the bank stating how much you can afford to borrow toward the cost of a new home. If you don’t have a preapproval from a lender prior to meeting with builders, you’re doing very little but wasting your time. Most builders won’t begin work on a custom home without proof you have the funds to pay for it, and most builders will only discuss how they work with you until your approval comes through.

Ask Around

References are the best way to find a good builder. People who built their own dream homes typically have a lot to say about the builder they worked with. You know when someone has a good reputation and a bad one. Things happen, times are misjudged, and things sometimes happen outside the control of the homeowner and the builder. You can pick out those complaints when someone is telling you how they feel about their builder.

What you can’t justify are complaints about work, unreturned phone calls, difficult relationships, and a team that doesn’t work often and sets back the timeframe in which you are building. Ask for references, and know what you want to hear.

Schedule Meetings

You can’t and shouldn’t hire a custom builder without a meeting. You should see the builder’s offices, get to know him or her, and get an idea how they work. How quickly the office returns calls, how friendly the staff is, how long you wait when you visit. These are all things you should take note of and ask yourself how you feel about when you leave.

Tour Homes

Does the builder you’re considering have model homes or in-progress homes you can tour to see what the process looks like and what their work looks like? Photos of custom homes created by the builder are nice, but seeing one up close and personal allows you to see closely the detail put into the work and the little features, the look of the home, and even get an idea for their design style.

Photo by Alair Homes EdmontonSearch exterior home design ideas


Hiring a new builder for your dream home shouldn’t be something you take lightly. The person you work with should be professional, experienced, and have a reputation for being good at what he or she does. You should find a builder you’re comfortable spending the next several months or even a year working with, and don’t settle for someone who doesn’t leave you feeling confident following that first meeting.