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Truth be told, building a custom built home from scratch on untouched and raw land comes with a great sense of fulfillment. On the other hand, wrapping your mind around the process of identifying the perfect parcel can be tricky. Let us take a look at guidelines to help you navigate the world of land buying before you start digging in!

Perfect Land in Edmonton for Custom Home Building
Finding the perfect plot of land for your custom home is essential.


Prior to following through with any offer, it would be wise to familiarize with local zoning ordinances. Keep in mind that just because land seems appealing on the surface doesn’t mean that it meets requirements for your intended use. Zoning regulations in the area could forbid home construction, and overlooking this means you risk ending up with a pricey but valueless hunk of earth. Land regulations such as zoning are available at the local zoning offices near you – paying them a visit is a good way to prevent building in areas designated for agricultural or industrial use.


In addition to the cost of buying land, there are other expenses that you need to keep in mind. You will need permits from relevant authorities, survey, as well as approval from the health department. What is more, the land probably needs to be excavated, graded, and cleared. Factoring in such aspects will save you a financial headache in today’s lean times.

Identify The Utilities You Need

Before making a purchase, keep in mind most land buyers need modern day conveniences such as electricity and water. It goes without saying that a septic system is something that you cannot do without. Land that is near or connected to the municipal sewer system would therefore be an advantage in this regard. Do not forget that utility installation means shelling out more of your hard earned money.

Consult A Land Planner

When it comes to ascertaining if a particular plot of land is appropriate for your custom built home, a land planner is your best bet. Same way a home inspector examines houses for flaws that need fixing, a land planner has what it takes to fully inspect your land. Wetlands, vegetation, soil type, slope, and water table are some of the items that land planners take a look at. You don’t want to be the one holding the bag should a given land parcel be declared unbuildable.

The process of erecting a custom built home from the ground up can seem intimidating. This is for good reason because a slight mistake could water down the dream of owning a home. These recommendations, however, will ensure that you stay on the right track!