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Are you ready to build your forever home?

There is a lot to consider before committing to a home for such a long time. You need to make sure you can live with the layout, features and location for the rest of your life. The key is to build a home you will love forever rather than searching the market for the right house.

When designing your forever home, you need to be mindful of the changes you may see over time. Your family, priorities and lifestyle are going to change over the years. Here are several things to consider when planning your custom home project.

Future Accessibility

It is no secret that we lose some of our mobility as we grow older. You may not want to think about the complications and risks that come with aging, but part of building your forever home is preparing for your future.

You want to start by making sure it is safe and easy to use the stairs. It never hurts to plan for accessibility modifications such as a stair lift. Another option is to place the master bedroom on the first floor to avoid climbing the stairs often as you grow older. You can add modifications such as wheelchair ramps, shower bars and pool lifts when you need them.

Your floor plan should include 3-foot doorways, 4-foot hallways and 5-foot turn radiuses. This makes it easier to get around your home should you or a loved one wind up in a wheelchair.

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Available Space

The space you need is going to change as your children grow older and leave the nest. You may be tempted to downsize by purchasing a smaller house, but you may find yourself entertaining your grandchildren and extended family in the future.

You should always think about how your family is going to change before downsizing your home. The extra bedrooms come in handy for loved ones who wish to take care of you, visit frequently or need a temporary living arrangement.

Are you someone who loves to entertain guests throughout the year? You are sure to appreciate the extra space for your events.

There are plenty of multigenerational families who live together in the same house. It is easier to maintain your independence when you have your family around to help as you grow older.

Long Term Location

It is not always easy to find a location for your custom home, but living in an area you enjoy is worth the wait. You may be looking for a neighborhood with the best schools and parks for your children. A neighborhood close to the doctors office or grocery store becomes a priority as you grow older. You should also keep the size and layout of your home in mind when choosing a lot.

Start by narrowing down your search to the neighborhoods that meet your needs. The next step is to research the different lots in each neighborhood. You are sure to find a lot that accommodates your family.

You can get started on your forever home by contacting Alair Homes Edmonton. Alair Homes Edmonton helps you find a skilled contractor who specializes in custom home projects.

When you take the time to think about your future, you are sure to build the perfect forever home for your family.