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When it comes to re-vamping your home, a little paint can go a long way. Adding a little color or changing up the color in certain places around your home can transform it into something completely different. Plus, unlike a full-fledged renovation, it won’t take you weeks to complete and it’s not too expensive. Here are eight spaces in your home that you should consider painting the next time you’re looking to spice things up a bit.

1. The Foyer or Entryway

This is probably the second space your guests will notice, after the outside of your house, but it is a great area to make a statement in. If your home’s entryway is more formal, choose a darker color for your wall than the next room over. A darker color will make a small space like an entryway feel a little more inviting. On the other hand, if your home doesn’t have a defined space for a foyer or entryway, use color to make one. Change the color of the walls around the front door to visually outline the space.

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2. The Powder Room

Small bathrooms can quickly be spiced up with a simple color update. Choose a color that matches a lot of the accents around your home. If you’re worried that too much color might be overwhelming in a small space, put in a chair rail and paint half of the wall a neutral color, while using the bold statement color on the other half.

3. Your Closet

Your closet isn’t much of a priority when it comes to adding a new color, but giving it a little pop isn’t a bad idea. A fresh coat on the walls and the shelves will transform the space. In this case, it’s best to choose light colors and ones that will compliment the bedroom attached.

4. The Hallway

The hallways in your home, depending on whether or not they have adequate lighting, can get pretty dark if they’re painted the wrong color, so giving the color of the walls a second thought is a good choice. Check out the colors in the rooms that are connected to the hallway and pick a color that is a couple shades lighter to brighten up the space.

5. The Laundry Room

Looking for a way to make laundry more fun? A colorful laundry room might do the trick. This is the best room to go bold and choose a color that you may not put anywhere else in your home. After all, nobody is coming over to your house to see the laundry room. So, pick a color you really love that will help motivate you to tackle even the biggest loads of laundry.

6. Accent Walls

You may have a bit of paint left over after painting some of these smaller rooms, so why not use it to create an accent wall in one of your home’s larger rooms. Pick one of the walls in your living room or your bedroom to highlight and add a pop of color to the room.

7. Parts of the Kitchen

There isn’t much space to add color in the kitchen, but if you want to add some color, you can probably find space in the nooks and crannies. Be sure to choose a shade that compliments the room’s accents and colors.

8. Shelves

Whether your bookshelves are freestanding or built in, you can add some color to them in order to jazz your space up. If they’re built in, add some color to the wall space behind them. If they’re freestanding, you may want to add color to the entire thing or just certain parts.

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