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Your custom home should complement your lifestyle and offer convenience. You’ll want to ask your builder to add a few main upgrades that will make it a house that you feel proud to show off. When you’re ready to start the construction, consider a few home upgrades that will work to create a modern setting.

1. Wood Floors in the Hallways

Take your flooring material up a notch with hardwood floors installed in the hallways of your upstairs, which is a luxurious addition compared to standard carpet. Hardwood floors will look beautiful and can make the space appear upscale instead of using carpet. It will also prove to be more durable and hard wearing in areas where there’s plenty of traffic each day.

Photo by Alair Homes Edmonton – Discover hallway design ideas

2. Tall Cabinets

Increase the height of your cabinets to create a stunning design in the kitchen and also incorporate more storage space that is available, which can allow your home to have more value. Tall cabinets are ideal for storing pantry items and will allow you to remove clutter that develops on the counter tops when too many products are on display.

3. Upgraded Tile

The tile installed in various rooms of the home can contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your interior setting with fun and decorative prints. Your builder will allow you to choose from a variety of tiles with different shapes and color shades. Many of the upgraded tiles are modestly priced and are long-lasting to ensure that they’ll maintain their appeal for many decades.

4. Carpet Pad

Make your carpet extra soft with plenty of cushion by adding a carpet pad underneath the material. The upgrade is easy to add for builders and comes with a low price tag to ensure that you can stay within your budget while building your custom home. Carpet pads are also considered to be a great investment because they can prolong the lifespan of the fabric on the carpet.

5. Painted Cabinets

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the cabinets in the kitchen can transform the setting and allow it to look modern. Choose a color shade that makes the kitchen appear light and airy, which can also make the room feel larger. Consider matching the color of the island with the cabinets to have an eye-catching design that is the focal point of the room.

6. Glass Cabinet Inserts

When you want to show off the dishes in your cabinets, consider asking your builder to design cabinets that feature glass cabinet inserts. Glass cabinet inserts add extra depth in the room and will make the feature appear luxurious due to the material that is installed. You can show off your decorative china or wine glasses while having a decorative feature added to influence the design of the space.

7. Special Grout

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the tile to create a specific look or style in the building. You can request your design team to select the grout or choose it yourself. This will ensure that it’s unique and has an original design.