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A home remodel can cause nearly unpreventable stress for you and your family, no matter how big or small it may be. However, there are still things you can do to cope with your pre-existing stress and hopefully prevent it from happening in the future. Follow our tips below to get started.

1. Not Knowing Where to Start

Not knowing where to start is one of the largest areas for stress for homeowners during a renovation. You may start to feel yourself tripping over increasing questions, such as who to hire? What kind of files do I need? What kind of work do I need to get done? What type of professional does the type of work that I need to get done? However, reaching out to a professional, such as Alair Homes Edmonton, can be your best option to figure out what you really want and to answer other questions you may have.

2. Not Knowing How Much Your Remodel Will Cost

Not knowing how much your remodel will cost can cause a sense of frustration. However, by consulting a professional, you can better settle on your project’s budget, as well as how much both the labor and project materials will cost. Without this transparency, you can become easily blindsided with unknown costs that can delay or prevent your project from finishing.

3. Not Knowing How Long Your Renovation Will Take

Similar to having an established budget, it’s also important to have an established schedule and deadline for your project. Anger and frustration generally start when you aren’t notified about delays or if the deadline needs to be extended. However, you can prevent this from occurring by ordering local materials, which may be easier to use for the project. You can also help prevent delays by using contractors with flexible or open schedules.

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4. Frequent Changes to Your Project

Believe it or not, homeowners are the ones prone to changing the project once construction starts, not the contractors. Changing up your remodel design and materials can cause longer project schedules, as well as further additional costs. To avoid this altogether, it’s wise to run down your entire project before it starts. This way, you can make any changes or modifications before your contractors start work. If you’re having an unusually hard time picturing your project, consult your remodel designer to help you out.

5. Not Anticipating Underlying Issues

Sometimes, there is no way to know what is going on beneath your carpet, behind the walls, or under your subfloor. Even newer homes can have serious issues. Though your remodeler can provide you with an outlined plan, they won’t know the actual scope of the work until they can get a look inside. Issues like these can be incredibly frustrating. Try to plan for unforeseen issues in your budget and timeline.

6. Poor Communication

One of the biggest stressors during a renovation is a lack of communication between the homeowner, contractor, and delivery service. Having miscommunication can severely delay your project or even cause it to look like a poorly altered version of what you had in mind. Before your project starts, it’s important to establish a strong line of communication with everyone on your team. This way, there’s no confusion of how to contact which person, which can levy a load of stress off your back.

Working with Alair Homes Edmonton will ease your mind and ensure that your remodel experience is not driven my stress, but rather, by expertise.