Jamie Affleck

Home building is a difficult task to undertake. It’s even more difficult for a first timer. The money, the materials, the labor, and the house specifications. As a result, using a custom home builder becomes the best option.

Finally, when you identify the best home builder, questions start to race in your mind. How do you begin? What do you require? Will you get your exact dream house? It’s always important to research before taking the first meeting with your home builder. The research helps you to understand your needs. It also helps you to bring them out in detail.

At Alair Homes Edmonton, we have made it easier by listing the five things you should carry on the first meeting.

Budget Estimates

The budget is the core factor from which all other decisions get made. It’s, therefore, essential to have your budget all figured out. Having a set aside figure for your dream house enables the builder to come up with designs that match your budget.

The Vision

In most cases, clients have the desired floor plans or at least what they desire about its arrangement. If you have the desired floor plan, it’s advisable to carry it to your first meeting. Your vision helps us to interpret and understand your needs. On the other hand, it enables the designers to make an assessment and see if it matches your budget. Clients who have done further research and obtained exterior architecture should carry the pictures and design.

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Likes and Dislikes

We understand that at times, it’s difficult to put into words the exact design or requirements you need. Therefore, we encourage you to write down a list of the likes and dislikes of your current home. The list helps the team at Alair Homes Edmonton to come up with different solutions that meet your needs. As a custom home builder, we will provide the best options from which you can choose.

Contact Information

During the first meeting, make sure to provide the custom home builder with all of your contact information. Additionally, this helps the builders whenever they have any questions or if there are issues. It makes the process easier for both the home owner and the home builder.


Bring with you all the relevant paperwork during the first meeting. Such paperwork includes sketches of your desired home, pictures, and most importantly, the county records that shows the location of the land you intend to build on. Also, have the documents that prove ownership. Clients who have pre-approved loan documents should carry copies of the papers with them. The records show your builder of the commitment and affirm the working budget.

Do you intend to build? Is your intention to contract a home builder? Look no more. At Alair Homes, we serve the great communities by providing custom build homes. We are based at Edmonton and prides ourselves on helping residents build budget-friendly homes.