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Designing each room in a house is one of the most exciting advantages of custom home building. When it comes to creating your dream kitchen, it is important to design a space that sets the tone for the rest of the house. There are several ways to accomplish this and many different features to consider adding as you develop your design plan.

A Transitional Style

A transitional style in the kitchen mixes both contemporary and traditional pieces to create a unique look. To accomplish this look, have fun mixing different styles. There is no need to think uniform as creating a kitchen that is eclectic and has plenty of detail is the primary goal. Install open shelving instead of bulk cabinets to show off your dishes, and add a furniture-style island that is rustic and cozy. Breaking the rules with a transitional style empowers you to add your own design flair to the kitchen, and it opens up possibilities to change the decor items or materials over the years and create an entirely new look

Hardwood Floors

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Wood floors enhance the quality and appeal of your Alair Homes Edmonton custom built home because they create consistency and a high-end look. High-quality wood floors add value and maintain their appeal. For the kitchen, choose more durable oak, maple or cherry. Distressed pine is also an excellent design choice as the rustic nature of it hides scratches and dents helping it to age well over time.

Single-Lever Faucets

If you are planning on installing an apron-front sink, consider adding a single-lever faucet. This style faucet pairs particularly well with the farmhouse-style sink. It allows you to control both temperature and water flow with one hand. The silhouette of the faucet looks modern and prevents the room from appearing old or outdated. Many also come with a pull-down hand sprayer. This feature helps homeowners to wash the dishes or rinse off produce with ease.

Colourful Cabinets

Painting the cabinets a fun or funky shade adds a pop of colour to the kitchen of your custom home. Paint helps create a mood in the room, so painting cabinets can create an uplifting feeling that you get to enjoy every time you walk into the kitchen. Consider painting the cabinets with sage green, mustard yellow, or deep red to make a statement and show off your personality in the place. Blue is also one of the most trendy color shades of 2018. It is easy on the eyes, invites in elements of the ocean and is an excellent option for families who prefer not to go too bold. Gray is another option. This colour creates a neutral palette that continues to look contemporary for many years.

Quartz Countertops

The countertops are one of the main features that sets the style and tone in kitchens. Although granite was extremely popular in past years, marble is becoming more common. It adds a regal and clean appearance that allows the room to appear spacious. When marble is not in the budget, you can get a similar look and feel by opting for quartz countertops. Quartz is manufactured but still offers a high level of durability even through frequent use. Quartz is also resistent to staining and scratching. It looks similar to marble but at a more budget-friendly price point and without the upkeep that marble often requires.

Making design decisions is an important part of the custom home building process. When it come to investing your time and money in a space, there is no better room to focus on than the kitchen. Take your time considering the latest innovations in kitchen design features, and work closely with your Alair Homes Edmonton general contractor to find the features and upgrades that best fit your budget and lifestyle. In doing this, you can create a room that feels comfortable, looks sleek and creates the flow for the rest of your home before you move into the house.