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When decorating your home and increasing its appeal, you’ll want to give attention to the lighting that is used. The light in your home will determine the tone of each room and can allow it to feel cozy or cold. Here are a few designer tips to follow for your home’s interior lighting.

1. Create a Plan

Decide where you want each light pendant during the design phase of building or remodeling your home. You’ll need to determine if you want three pendants above your dining room table or a few lights in a bathroom over the sink.

2. Add Uplighting

Adding uplighting to your home property will make the interior setting have a soft touch instead of relying on down lights to illuminate each room.

3. Evaluate Your Ceiling Height

Take the height of your ceiling into consideration when shopping around for light fixtures for your entryway or dining room. Opt for a product that includes an adjustable rod to ensure that it looks custom to the space and isn’t too high or too low for proper balance.

4. Illuminate the Stairs

Illuminate stair risers with light that is added to draw more attention to the stairs and add a beautiful design element that will make the home have appeal at night. It will also work as a safety precaution that can make it easier to walk upstairs without tripping or falling in the dark.

5. Use Color

Use plenty of color in the home by selecting light fixtures that have bright hues to make the space look fun and playful. Choose a product that features a colored light shade, which will look even more decorative and beautiful when the light is turned on.

6. Measure the Length

You’ll need to measure the distance of the bottom of your light to your table when hanging a fixture over your kitchen island or dining room table. Smaller lights can be moved lower and larger lights can be moved higher. Measure an average of 30 inches from the table to the light bulb.

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7. Get Decorative

Have a bit of fun with the lighting in your room by using decorative elements that illuminate. You can decorate the walls with fun pieces that double as lights to incorporate a modern visual that dresses up the walls but will also illuminate part of the room at night.

8. Incorporate Plenty of Swag

Cord swags are one of the latest trends to follow with the lights in your home by allowing the cords to be exposed and in plain sight. The wire can easily be hung on a hook or bar to make a statement with the minimalist design of the light. Use it in your bedroom or kitchen for the right effect.

9. Toe-kick Lights

Use toe-kick lights with strip-lights that is installed under the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, which will allow you to use certain rooms of the home at night.

10. Choose the Right Bulb

The type of bulb that you use will impact the glow that is created. Choose an LED, halogen, or compact fluorescent light to create a cool hue that matches the design and style of the setting.

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